Atwood Memorial Center

Promotional Space

On-Campus Organization or Department

Promotional Space

See Promotional Space Procedures for Student Organizations and Campus Departments for more general guidelines.

Off-Campus Vendor

Reservation requests available for off-campus groups:

See Promotional Space Guidelines for Off-Campus Vendors for more general guidelines.


Tables: 10' x 10' area (maximum of three tables) - If you wish to bring in your own display set, it must be kept within the space you are assigned. There are six table areas available.

Kiosk: Kiosks are 4 x 2 1/2 feet with one shelf, two stools and a clip in the front for a poster. There are six kiosks available.

Mall: 10' x 10' area - Atwood will provide up to three six-foot tables and three chairs for each space reserved. If you are interested in a specific area on the Mall, you should note your preference when you make your request.


We have two locations to display posters: 1) grip strips on the main level (outside the Theater Lounge entrance); 2) bridge area above the main stairways to the lower level (10 spaces available on the bridge). The poster space is intended for SCSU Organizations, Departments and Tri-College postings. One poster (must be dated) per event is allowed per posting location. Poster size must be between 18" x 24" and 24" x 32". Poster material must be firm enough so that in can be hung by clips and not taped. Posters may be taken down without notice and discarded after the event time has passed. If you wish to save your poster, you must remove it by the building closing time, the day of the event.


If you have a set-up that is more complicated, the following diagram can be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Publisher and used to specify set up. Submit completed forms at least two weeks before your event to the Conference Services office in Atwood. You can also view the location of tables and kiosks on the Main Lounge diagram:

Floor Plan


Student Organizations and University Departments

No charge

For a more detailed explanation of charges for the use of Atwood's facilities, see Space Use Policies.

Off-Campus Vendor

Kiosks: $45.00 per day
Main Lounge: $85.00 per day
Mall space: $85.00 per day