Atwood Memorial Center

Advertising and Promotional Areas

As the community center for the St. Cloud State University, Atwood Memorial Center offers limited opportunities and spaces for advertising, promotion, awareness raising, and temporary retail sales first and foremost for registered student organizations, and then university departments, and area tri-colleges, and secondarily as policy, time, place and manner permit for non-university organizations and businesses. Atwood Memorial Center does not necessarily support, advocate for, condone, nor oppose the content posted or items sold within the approved policies, and is not responsible for errors in content.

Advertising for Off-Campus Guests

Advertising can be done through student media. The Chronicle can be reached by telephone, (320) 308-3943, or by fax, (320) 308-2164.

Tacks strip space for off-campus postings are available in the northeast corner of Atwood. Tables for brochures and literature are available underneath these tack strips. Please hang only one poster per event on each strip. The size of your poster should be no longer than 8.5" x 11". Posters in other locations will be taken down and discarded without notice. Atwood encourages groups to use recycled or recyclable paper. Posting in the residence halls must be arranged at the front desk of each hall.

Advertising for areas outside of Atwood

Other areas of campus are covered by the campus wide Display and Distribution of Information policy.

Atwood/Centennial Walkway Banners

Six (6) windows on the north and south side of the Atwood-Centennial building connector walkway will be available for use as large banner/poster spaces.  Four window spaces are designated for priority use for:

  • SCSU Student Government (2)
  • University Programming Board (2). 

The remaining two (2) are available for general use by SCSU registered student organizations or university departments to promote an event, program, or service.  These two (2) general use window spaces can be scheduled via the EMS system or in the Atwood Administration office (134) on a first come-first serve basis for a maximum of a two week period beginning with a Monday.

Organizations will only be allowed to display professional, computer generated posters that are 72" x 42" (which can be designed and produced in Atwood’s Copies Plus area). Approved banners are to be dropped off at Atwood’s Information Desk prior to, or on the day of the first date of the reserved period, and will be hung by designated Atwood staff. Removed banners will be held for pick up for 1 week before being discarded/recycled.

Note: In the case that the general use spaces are not available, student organizations or university departments are advised to contact the Student Government President or Vice President to request approval to schedule the Student Government designated windows if they are not using them. Drop off and pick up procedures are the same, except Atwood requires proof of approval from Student Government via a written or electronic correspondence from the President or Vice President.

Bridge Over 10th Street

To hang anything over the bridge that goes over University Drive, you must contact the Director of Sport Facilities

Bulletin Boards

There is a small posting area in the lower level available for personal-type advertising notices. Any posting in violation of university advertising or university conduct policies will be removed. The sponsoring organization or individual must be identified. Posting types include:

  • Off-campus sponsors/organizations/job posting and personal notices
  • 3" x 5" note cards and personal posters (for sale, roommate wanted, lost or found, etc.)
  • Ride Share notices

Atwood Memorial Center is not responsible for content errors and/or false information.


The University has developed the following policy and procedure for the entire campus:

Digital Signage

See "Digital Signage" on Information Technology Services' Media and Video page.

Displays for Assigned Offices

This does NOT include reservable meeting rooms with windowed walls or doors where postings would not be allowed.

  1. Office Window Displays: Each office is responsible for the content and cleanup of the assigned window space. Any window postings should adhere to the mission of the respective departments and not be permanent or excessive in nature. Window posting materials should not damage the window, and must adhere to campus advertising standards and policies.
  2. Use of Spaces immediately outside of office: Offices may place 1 table or a display, and an easel (owned by the department) directly outside the assigned office spaces.  It is the responsibility of each office to set up and take down the table, display, and/or easel.

No prior approval by Atwood Memorial Center Staff is required.

The table, display and/or easels must not be further than 4 feet out into the pedestrian walkway, and must meet all ADA guidelines for accessibility.

The table, display and/or easels should adhere to the mission of the respective departments

The table or display should be staffed or have an interactive component

The table, display, and/or easels should be temporary in nature and should be taken down each evening.  If the display is left in public areas, Atwood building staff cannot assume responsibility for any materials or equipment missing if left out after normal office hours.

Space outside of offices may not be available on specific days when the entire lounge or connecting corridor space is needed or reserved for events.

Displays and Large Posters for University Campaigns/Promotions

University departments may seek approval in the Atwood 134 office for putting up banners and displays in Atwood Center for a period of no longer than 30 days.  Atwood Administration will approve the location of the banner/display and reserves the right to remove or move the banner/display for operational reasons.


An easel will made available at the bottom of each side of the main staircase (on the main level) and/or at the entrance to the theater lounge for events in that area of the building to promote events taking place in Atwood on the day(s) of the event only. Conferences/events using multiple meeting rooms may reserve up to 20 easels to use for sign displays, directional purposes, registration or to identify individual workshop sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. Atwood also has posting clips near each meeting room entrance to hang posters/signs which can reduce the need for easels. Atwood Memorial Center easels will not be permitted to leave the building. Black easels are for indoor use only. Grey easels are available for outdoor use on the Atwood Mall.

Exterior Postings

The posting of banners on the exterior of Atwood Memorial Center is limited to the following university-sponsored events: Celebrate! St. Cloud State, Lemonade Concert and Arts Festival, and SCSU Kick-Off (no commercial sponsorship permitted on these banners). In these instances, the banners must be professionally made with no hand lettering, of durable quality, and no larger than 200 square feet. Location of the banners is restricted to the northeast (mall) side of Atwood above the South Voyageurs Room window and must not obstruct said window.  The banner will be hung and removed by Atwood and/or University staff and may be displayed only during the actual event.

Magnetic Sign Holders

Magnetic sign holders are available for use for temporarily hanging overhead postings in corridors. Sign holders are available on a first-come, first-served basis each day through the Atwood Office 134, and cannot be reserved. Posting can only be used to promote (or provide directions for) events the day of the event. Ticket sales will be considered events. Signs may not be more than 24" in height and up to 48" in width when posted overhead in corridors, and must meet ADA guidelines. Signs must not visually block exit signs. Poster board works best in sign holders. Two-sided posters are suggested for overhead corridor postings.


Tack Strips

Tack Strips available in Atwood Memorial Center are intended for SCSU registered student organizations, university departments and Tri-College postings of events only. There are posting locations on each level of the building. One flyer or poster (which must be dated and have the sponsoring group identified) per event is allowed per posting location. The largest poster size allowed is 18" x 24". Each tack strip has the policy posted. Atwood encourages groups to use recycled or recyclable paper. Flyers and other promotions are discarded/recycled after the date of the event being promoted has passed, or if they do not follow university and Atwood advertising policies.  Posting is prohibited on any other windows, walls, pillars, doors, and other surfaces in Atwood Memorial Center unless they are a designated posting area or receive temporary approval from Atwood Administration located in AMC 134.

Gripper Strips and Wire Clips (large posters)

Atwood has three (3) locations to display large posters:

  1. Gripper strips on the main level (outside the Theater Lounge entrance across from kiosks).  This location is for single event posters within 2 weeks of when the event date.
  2. Bridge area above the main stairwell to the lower level (10 spaces available on the bridge),
  3. Wall space between the Husky Loft (upper) /Den (lower) in lower level dining seating areas.


  • The large poster spaces are intended for SCSU registered student organizations and university departments, and Tri-College event postings only.
  • One poster (which must be dated and the organization identified) per event is allowed per posting location.
  • Poster size must be between 18" x 24" and 24" x 32". Poster material must be firm enough so that in can be hung by clips and not taped. 
  • No organization will be allowed to remove another’s poster to make room for their own.  If the locations are filled, assistance should be requested from the Atwood main office or Information Desk.
  • Posters promoting date specific events will have priority for the spaces over general posters that are not date specific, and Atwood building staff reserves the right to temporarily remove a non-date specific poster to make room for a date-specific one if the event is approaching. 
  • The gripper strip is for single event posters within 2 weeks of the event date only.
  • Copies Plus Design Services offer design and production assistance for large posters.

Atwood building staff will monitor these locations and posters may be removed and discarded/recycled after the event time has passed. If an organization wishes to save the poster(s), it must be removed by the organization by building closing time, the day of the event.

Product Sales

Candy Sales

Special candy sales may be permitted with prior approval. Large candy bars are not permitted to be sold unless approved by Chartwells. All Small bite-size candy may be given away.

Credit Card Sales

Credit card sales will not be allowed in Atwood Memorial Center except for those situations where a charge card is provided as an incidental service to a product or program being sold. The card must work only for that product or service (e.g., phone calling cards that can be used only to charge calls). Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union and other official St. Cloud State University credit card programs are exempt from this policy.

Logo and Products with a Message

Products bearing the St. Cloud State University official logo or the St. Cloud State University name must be approved by University Communications. Atwood Memorial Center strongly discourages the sale of any item that is inconsistent with the University Code of Conduct or Mission and reserves the right to prohibit the sale of such merchandise. Sales of items that violate state, city or federal law are prohibited.


Gambling for money or other things of value on campus or at University sponsored activities is prohibited except as permitted by law. See Department of Campus Involvement for more information on fundraising.

Sandwich Boards

Atwood does not have sandwich boards for reserved general use. For those departments that choose to use their own sandwich boards, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Sandwich boards set up outside of Atwood should be promoting events in or information related to happenings in Atwood.
  • Use of the storm drain grate to secure the board is permitted.  Boards should not be secured to any handrails or Atwood building exterior apparatuses (door handles, stairwells, etc.).
  • Remove the boards when the event is over to allow space for other departments wishing to use the space.
  • Monitor the boards when windy or adverse weather conditions exist and arrange to have the boards set back up once or twice a day.
  • Remove the boards before any snowfall so the grounds crew does not damage them with snow removal equipment.


The university policy on Use of Outdoor Spaces addresses solicitation on campus.

Table Tents

Table tents may be placed on food service area tables only. The following criteria must be followed:

  • Campus advertising policies must be adhered to.
  • SCSU registered student organizations and SCSU campus departments are allowed to use table tents in Atwood. Non-university table tents are not allowed and will be removed.
  • The event must be on campus and open to all students.
  • The table tents must be approved by the Atwood Administration Office (AMC 134) before table tents can be displayed.
  • Atwood recommends that table tents be made of sturdy recyclable or recycled paper.
  • Table tents can be displayed for a maximum of two weeks, and will be discarded/recycled if expired, or may be discarded/recycled as tables are cleared and cleaned after peak meal times if the table tent is damaged.

Theater Ramp Wall

The lower theater ramp wall/railing area may be approved for use for issues displays after review of the following criteria is met:

  1. Permission to use the space can only be given by the Executive Director of Atwood after reviewing the request, and is only allowed for registered SCSU student organizations or university departments.
  2. Space may only be requested for use to create awareness or dialogue about major campus or societal issues. It will not be granted to promote or advertise events. The display and resulting dialogue must be the event/program.
  3. Groups interested in requesting the space must present and must email a written plan outlining the issue they wish to raise awareness about, the posting methodology they wish to use and how they will moderate the public and differing comments and viewpoints that will arise from the display.
  4. A neighboring main lounge table across from the ramp must be reserved Monday – Friday for a minimum of 3 hours each day for the duration of the display to allow for interpersonal communication related to the issue being presented. The organization must staff the table, identify their organization, and be available to respond to the display and viewpoint.
  5. If permission is granted, the following posting methodologies must be used:
    1. The display must be hung with string, rope, temporary clips, or masking tape on lower ramp wall or railing. No permanent anchors or other kinds of tape or adhesive material may be used.
    2. For taller displays that may require hanging at a higher level, the methodologies must be approved by the Director or his/her designee to ensure safety, ADA compliance, and weight capacities are met. 
  6. The display will only be approved for a Monday-Friday period, and cannot go up before Monday morning and must be removed by Friday afternoon of the approved week.
  7. The display or group members cannot block access or create a safety hazard for Atwood patrons using the main corridor, stairwells, and/or ramp to the theater area.  All ADA guidelines for accessibility for the ramp must be adhered to. The display cannot be an obstruction to any programs occurring in the theater wing of the building

Other Display/Promotional Areas

Student Collaboration Area Digital Signage Monitor

Usage is coordinated, limited, and monitored by the Department of Campus Involvement for SCSU registered student organizations only.

Cultural Center Bulletin Boards/Posting Areas

Usage is coordinated and monitored by student groups within the Center.

Bargaining Units Bulletin Boards

One bulletin board is dedicated for use by the bargaining units for communication and display of information for employees of SCSU. Located in the corridor near A18 in the lower level of Atwood Memorial Center.

Dedicated Brochure Racks

There are seven (7) additional dedicated brochure racks:

  • one (1) specifically for the Student Life and Development office on the 2nd level,
  • one (1) for Metro Bus maps and literature in the Transportation Connection area on the main level,
  • one (1) for Executive Express shuttle literature in the north 1st Avenue entrance where the official SCSU pick up/drop off location is,
  • two (2) specifically for SCSU Student Life/Student Service departments to display printed materials and brochures.  One is located in the lower level and one near the Information Desk.
  • Two (2) specifically for non-university businesses and non-profit organizations located near the Information Desk.

Additional Advertising Opportunities (Non-University Business and Non-Profit Organizations)

Free of charge opportunities

A tack strip and a brochure rack space for non-university postings are near the Atwood Information Desk. All posters and literature should be reviewed and approved at the Atwood Information Desk to ensure that the materials meet university advertising guidelines. Please hang only one poster per event or business on the available tack strip, and literature to be placed in the brochure rack is space-dependent, and must be able to fit within the rack’s spaces. The size of your poster should be no longer than 8.5" x 11". Non-University posters in other locations or non-approved posters will be taken down and discarded or recycled. Atwood encourages groups to use recycled or recyclable paper. Posting in the residence halls must be arranged in the main office for Residential Life located in Hill Hall. 

Half of these posting areas are for non-profit organizations to recruit volunteers or advertise events/fundraisers, and half are for for-profit businesses wishing to advertise to students. All campus advertising policies must be adhered to (i.e. - no alcohol advertising, etc.)

Paid advertising opportunities

Advertising may also be done through student-published newspaper media for a cost. The Chronicle, the student newspaper, can be reached by telephone, (320) 308-3943, or by fax, (320) 308-2164.  

Advertising may also be done by renting a kiosk or table space in Atwood, if availability, time, place and manner permit. Guidelines for kiosks and tabling can be found in that specific section of the overall advertising/promotional policies. Current usage and rental fees are available from the Atwood Administration office at (320) 308-2905 or on Atwood web site at

Advertising may also be done in The Link, the annual campus planner, which offers advertising space for a fee. Contact the Atwood main office at (320) 308-2905 for more information.