Atwood Memorial Center

Promotional Areas and Advertising

As the community center for the St. Cloud State University, Atwood Memorial Center offers limited opportunities and spaces for advertising, promotion, awareness raising, and temporary retail sales first and foremost for registered student organizations and university departments and secondarily as policy, time, place and manner permit for non-university organizations and businesses. Atwood Memorial Center does not necessarily support, advocate for, condone, nor oppose the content posted or items sold within the approved policies, and is not responsible for errors in content.

Promotional Space Guidelines

Advertising for areas outside of Atwood

Atwood/Centennial Walkway Banners

Bridge Over 10th Street


Digital Signage

Displays for Assigned Offices

Displays and Large Posters for University Campaigns/Promotions


Exterior Postings

Magnetic Sign Holders


Sandwich Boards


Table Tents

Theater Ramp Wall

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