St. Cloud State University Cultural Nights

St. Cloud State University has had a long tradition of providing some incredible cultural programs that are well attended by the St. Cloud State Community and those from the surrounding area. The programs are planned, promoted and run almost entirely by students that have a strong desire to share their culture. Most cultural events include performances in their native dress, food, dance and music. They are a great opportunity for SCSU students and the community to experience different cultures direct from the students at SCSU!

Cultural Nights are available for the community to attend with a purchased ticket. Check out the student organization website to purchase tickets. 

2023-2024 Schedule of Events

Dates of Cultural Nights with list of corresponding organizations
Date Name of Event Student Organization Venue
9/30/2023 Nigerian Night Nigerian Student Organization  Atwood Ballroom
10/28/2023 Bangladesh Night  Bangladesh Student Association  Atwood Ballroom
12/9/2023 African Night African Student Association Atwood Ballroom
2/3/2024 Ebony Night  Council for African American Students Atwood Ballroom 
2/10/2024 Karen Night Karen Student United Association Atwood Ballroom 
2/17/2024 Pakistan Night Pakistan Student Association  Atwood Ballroom 
3/16/2024 India Heritage Night Indian Heritage Club  Atwood Ballroom
3/30/2024 LASA Night Latin American Student Association  Atwood Ballroom
4/6/2024 Hmong Night Hmong Student Organization Atwood Ballroom
4/20/2024 Japan Night JP Network  Atwood Ballroom 
4/27/2024 Nepal Night Nepalese Student Association Atwood Ballroom

*Events are tentative and the schedule may change.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Cultural Nights, please contact Atwood Memorial Center- or

To plan a Cultural Night click HERE

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