Atwood is the student center for St. Cloud State University.

It is much more than a building; it is the student-focused hub of campus life and serves as the community center for the university.

It serves students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visitors through the various programs, services, events, dining options, and facilities offered by and within the center. It offers a living laboratory of sorts for students to engage in applied learning, positive and civil social interaction, and co-curricular activities that enrich purposeful learning outcomes.

Atwood is an inclusive and welcoming organization that serves as unifying energy for all individuals, groups, and views. Atwood values diversity, and fosters a sense of community that strengthens the student experience and helps to build long-lasting loyalty to the St. Cloud State University. 

On average, more than 11,000 people visit Atwood Memorial Center each day during the academic year, and thousands of events consistently draw one of the most diverse gatherings of people on the campus.

Who is Allen A. Atwood?

Allen Atwood statue

Atwood Memorial Center, in its original state, was opened in 1966 and named after Allen A. Atwood, one of the many people who originally recognized the need for and value of an alternative program and facility for students outside of the traditional classroom or library environment.

A bronze statue of Mr. Atwood created by sculptor, Otto Sallmann, was donated by the Atwood family and is displayed near the main lounge and central staircase. We are grateful for Mr. Atwood’s forward and creative thinking that helped initiate the student center movement at St. Cloud State University. 

Several decades and transformations later, Atwood Memorial Center still remains true to the core of Mr. Atwood’s vision for the student experience.

Mission Statement of Atwood Memorial Center

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As the heart of campus life, Atwood Memorial Center inspires inclusivity, involvement, and sense of belonging through its diverse and student-focused places, programs, and services.

Vision Elements of Atwood Memorial Center

Atwood Memorial Center mail hallway

  • The staff of Atwood Memorial Center and Campus Involvement will collectively serve as an effective organization that is balanced, adaptable, responsive, creative, cutting edge, and well trained and prepared with a focus on student development and co-curricular learning.
  • Atwood Memorial Center will be a nurturing environment that is positive, safe, supportive, challenging, and inclusive with an emphasis on relationship building spaces.  It will be known for excellence in providing cultural, social, intellectual and recreational programs to enhance the educational experience and promote understanding of cultural diversity.
  • Atwood Memorial Center will be known for and recognized as a top-notch student center, its expertise in large-scale programming and event planning, and facilities and services that create a welcoming environment that reflects the changing needs of the campus community.
  • Atwood Memorial Center will use a budget development and decision-making model that prioritizes student benefit and improvement of programs and services.
  • Atwood Memorial Center will build its comprehensive, long-range facility and program plan to stay current and responsive to the changing needs of students and the campus community. 

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