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Planning a Cultural Event

If you are a student organization and are planning on hosting a cultural event, here is some of the information you will need to make your event a success.

Event Planning

When you are ready to book your event reach out to Benjamin Boadu at Atwood Memorial Center to check dates and book space. Make the reservation as soon as possible because dates book up fast.

When booking your space discussions will happen about AV needs and logistics to help finalized for your event. For more information on how to start your planning check out the Cultural Planning guide at the AMC 134 desk.

When planning the layout of your room feel free to play with the Publisher File to design a room diagram: Ballroom

Food Planning

Contact Huskies Dining Catering to set up a meeting to discuss the recipes and logistics of your event. Food orders MUST be in 30 days prior to event.

Contact Catering Director Katey Brion for more information: 

You will also have to communicate special ordering needs and kitchen safety training for food prep with the Executive Chef Norm Maish. 

AV Tech Need

You will need AV Tech assistance when having and event in the AMC Ballroom or Ritsche Auditorium. AV Tech assistance can assist with rehearsals for event as well as hanging any decoration from the ceiling or walls in the AMC Ballroom. Please let us know what you will need for assistance.

For more questions about AV Tech assistance reach out to Joe Koenig 

Budget & Finance

If you are looking for grant money (up to $3,000) to run your event make sure you apply for grant more than 30 days before your event to go through the approval process. Apply here.

Viking Coke Initiative

Request for free Viking Coke Product for your event. Viking Coke only allows each group a max of 5 cases per event, please make sure to put request in at least 2 weeks prior to event. Apply here for Viking Coke Product.


Make sure to add your event to the HuskiesConnect Events Calendar to get the word out about your event. To create an event Click Here. You can also rent decoration from the Department of Campus involvement email Carly to see what is available!

Contact Carly Frederick for more information: 


If you plan to sell tickets online for your event, reach out to Mic Brunner to get the ticketing system set up for your event. If you would also like attendees the option to pay with credit card at the doors for the day of your event you will also have to have Mic set that up.

Contact Mic Brunner for more information: 


Free parking is located after 3:30 p.m. in L-Lot or V-Lot on weekends. Parking is also available in the ramp but each individual vehicle will be charged a fee.

Cultural Night groups can also reserve the AA Lot (the surface lot across from the parking ramp) for a fee, but need to confirm in advance for that service. Please contact Dana if you would like this parking option.


Contact Information:
For more information or to book your event for the following year please contact:
Benjamin Boadu

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