Career Center

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission:
We enhance student success by delivering robust career content through a rich network of partnerships. 

Our Vision:
We aim to be the go-to University for developing talent built from robust educational content and a rich network of strategic partnerships.

Diversity Statement:
We are committed to creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse environment, where equal opportunity and equitable outcomes exist for all through the development of relationships, services, and resources that promote and support the same in the employment landscape and the future workforce.

Our goal is to encourage students to start career exploration early. Through our help, students will:

  • Identify, evaluate and use resources that are relevant to career decisions.
  • Analyze and articulate their interests, skills, values and strengths to determine a career direction.
  • Pursue internships, research, volunteer work etc. to enhance skills and experience.
  • Know how to network and make professional connections.
  • Know and understand how to communicate and work with diverse populations.
  • Articulate and demonstrate their qualifications to enhance educational and career outcomes.

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