Department of Biology


The Department of Biological Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in biological disciplines that prepare students for a variety of careers and professional degree programs (e.g., medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, ecology, evolution, wildlife conservation, natural resources).

Our  degree programs includes options such as a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) for undergraduates in Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution (BEE) and Biomedical Science . Graduate programs include a coursework-based Master of Arts (M.A.) and thesis-based Master of Science (M.S.) in the Biological Sciences .

Talented faculty and staff, dedicated to teaching and learning by doing, paired with well-equipped labs and research centers provide an active learning environment for students. Faculty mentors guide laboratory, field work, and independent research projects to enhance the academic curriculum and provide hands-on learning experiences. 

Our facilities include laboratories that promote research and hands-on learning in microbiology, cell and tissue culture, phytoplankton, physiology, aquatic toxicology, genomics, systematics, evolutionary biology, taxonomy, ecology, and histology. We maintain specimen-based collections for teaching and research including zoological collections and a herbarium. Our greenhouse and vivarium supports a variety of educational and research experiences.

Our students find opportunities to learn from peers, alumni, experts in the field as well as our distinguished faculty. Below you will find a welcome to the department from Biological Sciences Chair Dr. Matt Julius.