Department of Biology


New genus of deep-sea fish from Antarctica

Faculty Achievements

  • Dr. Neal Voelz was awarded the 2016 Biological Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award on March 28, 2016.
  • Work by Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss and the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory on the impacts of triclosan on freshwater environments was highlight by Grist magazine (September 2015).
  • Dr. Matthew Julius, along with Mark Gill (Engineering) and Bill Gorcica (Art) received funding from the Miller Scholars Award. They can now go on the road with an example of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics) throughout visualization centers of the Northeast United States.
  • Aquatic fauna expert Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss is a leading researcher on the adaptation and evolution of Sicyopterus stimpsoni, the "inching climber" goby fish native to Hawaii. In 2014, the National Science Foundation produced a story and video about work done by Schoenfuss and colleagues at St. Cloud State and Clemson universities. Research teams have made multiple trips to Hawaii to investigate the fish's use of oral and pelvic suction cups to scale rocks behind waterfalls. Schoenfuss also studies how fish in rivers like the Mississippi adapt to chemicals in the water.