Department of Biology

Student Opportunities

Student Resources 

Students interested in any of our biology fields will find ample tutoring assistance, advice on career paths, and opportunities for scholarships and advanced learning through our seminar series.

Student organizations such as the American Society of MicrobiologyMedical Professions Association (MPA) and Pre-Dental Organization provide a chance for social as well as professional development.

Research Experience

The faculty in the Department of Biology have earned a reputation for undergraduate and graduate student participation in our field-based or laboratory-based research programs. The Department of Biology offers a research-based master's of science program where students will take conduct their own active research, disseminate their findings to the public, and be encouraged to publish their work in scientific journals in their respective fields.

Interested undergraduate and prospective graduate students should contact faculty members whose areas of research expertise interests them. Many faculty are often looking for eager and dedicated undergraduate and graduate students to join their labs. Also refer to the degrees offered to find the degree that fits your academic interests.

Graduate Student Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistantship Applications are due April 3, 2017 for Fall semester.