Department of Biology


Monitoring Invasive Species in Minnesota


Research in the Department of Biology encompasses a breadth of different specialties and fields. Interested undergraduate and prospective graduate students should contact faculty members whose areas of research expertise interests them. Many faculty are often looking for eager and dedicated undergraduate and graduate students to join their labs.

Highlighted below are some examples of current and ongoing research projects in the Department of Biology.

Aquatic Toxicology


Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss and the Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory investigates the effects contaminants have on aquatic life from the molecular level via organismal effects to consequences at the trophic level. For example, ongoing work in the lab is focused on studying the dramatic ecological effects estrogen in rivers and lakes can have on populations of freshwater fishes.


Genetics and Molecular Biology



Evolution and Systematics

Invasive Species Monitoring and Management

Camp Ripley

Dr. Jorge Arriagada is continuing his longterm management plan for invasive species of plants at Camp Ripley and Arden Hills. Learn more about the invasive plants project here.



Algae Bioreactor

Dr. Matt Julius studies the potential applications algae may have on various industries, including alternative energy sources and dietary supplements. The development of photo-bioreactors on the St. Cloud State University campus has opened up creative new avenues of research for faculty and students with the potential for broad societal impacts.

Animal Behavior

Science Education