Nuclear Medicine Technology

Currently, this program is not accepting applications.

As a nuclear medicine technology student, you will learn how to work with patients and how to perform nuclear medicine imaging procedures such as PET scans, bone scans and heart scans. You will begin with three years of science courses. Through the required off-campus hospital internship in your final year, you will be well-prepared to pass the board exam and will graduate with a four-year degree as a well-trained nuclear medicine technologist.

Program Highlights

  • Rigorous coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.
  • Required clinical phase is a competitive off-campus hospital internship.
  • Clinical phase involves a high degree of patient contact.

Program Distinctions

  • Only public university in Minnesota with a bachelor of science program in nuclear medicine technology.
  • Graduates earn a bachelor's degree and qualify to take the nuclear medicine technology board exam.

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Popular Careers

  • Nuclear medicine technologist
  • Industry sales representative.

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