Nuclear Medicine Technology

The Profession

Nuclear Medicine Technology is the medical specialty that utilizes unsealed radioactive materials in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. This practice includes the administration, imaging and/or counting of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals to demonstrate organ and molecular function, as well as the delivery of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to treat a number of pathologies.

"The practice of nuclear medicine technology encompasses multi-disciplinary skills, which use rapidly evolving instrumentation, radiopharmaceuticals and techniques. The responsibilities of the nuclear medicine technologist include an empathetic and instructional approach to patient care; the preparation, calibration and administration of radio pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals (under the direction of an authorized user); the performance of quality control procedures; and the operation of imaging, laboratory and computer instrumentation." (Information provided by the Society of Nuclear Medicine.)

Certification is required in order to work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. There are two possible certifications (either one is sufficient):

Successful completion of the St. Cloud State Nuclear Medicine Technology program will prepare you to pass either of the two certification board exams.


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