Department of Biology


Seminar Series

Department of Biology Seminar Series

Seminars are Mondays noon-12:50 p.m. in ISELF 110. They are 45-50 minutes and free and open to all.

Fall 2018

Monday, Sept. 10

Heiko Schoenfuss, St. Cloud State University:  Using Technology to Reduce Environmental Pollution:  The Case of the Chicago Area Waterways


Monday, Sept. 17

Hanna Temme, University of Minnesota:  Connecting Dominant Bacterial Dechlorination Pathways to Environmental Drivers


Monday, Sept. 24

Jennifer Lamb, St. Cloud State University:  Salamander Sex and What Happens Next


Monday, Oct. 1

Scott Kyser, MN Pollution Control Agency:  Chloride Salt Pollution in Minnesota:  Pollution Sources and Reduction Strategies


Monday, Oct. 8

Tisha King-Heiden, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse:  Fish as a Model for Assessing the Persistent Effects of Early Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors


Monday, Oct. 15

David Fairbairn, MN Pollution Control Agency:  Urban Stormwater as a Source of Pollution to Minnesota Waters


Monday, Oct. 22

Sarah Elliot, US Geological Survey:  Contaminants in Bald Eagles of the Upper Midwestern U.S.: Chemical Priortization Using the ToxCast High Throughput Screening Database


Monday, Oct. 29

Josh Gordon, St. Cloud State University:  Thesis Defense:  The Effects of Urban Contaminants on Neutrophils of Fathead Minnows


Monday, Nov. 5

Shana Rogan, St. Cloud State University:  Planting the Seeds of Doubt on Alternative Treatments for Type 1 Diabetes


Monday, Nov. 12 - Veteran's Day - No Seminar


Monday, Nov. 19

Carlie LaLone, US Environmental Protection Agency:  New Frontiers in Species Extrapolation:  Tools for Toxicology


Monday, Nov. 26

Cameron Johnson, St. Cloud State University:  Thesis Defense:  The Effects of Acute Urban Mixture Exposure on the T Cells of Fathead Minnows


Monday, Dec. 3

Bruce Jacobons, St. Cloud State University:  God Save the Queen:  Why Theology and Science must Reintegrate


Monday, Dec 10

Sanford Health Research:  TBA



Spring 2018

Monday, Jan. 22
Oladele Gazal, St. Cloud State:  Ethnobotanically-Derived Medicines and African Health - A New Research Paradigm.

Monday, Jan. 29
Carl Elliot, Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota:  Lonesome Whistle:  Why Medical Researchers Stay Silent About Wrongdoing.

Monday, Feb. 5
Nicholas Cipoletti, St. Cloud State University:  Multi-Generational Exposure of Fathead Minnow (Pimphales promelas) to an Agricultural Contaminant of Emergent Concern Mixture.

Monday, Feb. 12
Victoria Korn, St. Cloud State:  Estrone and Temperature:  Effects to the Predator-Prey in Freshwater Fish.

Monday, Feb. 26
Stephen Saupe, Saint John's University:  Why Do Leaves Turn Color in Autumn?  Ecophysiology of Smotth Sumac (Rhus glabra).

Monday, March 12
Samera De Silva, St. Cloud State:  Effect of Estrogen and (Nigella Sativa) Extract on the Pulsatility of Reproductive Hormones in Ovariectomized, Estrogen Implanted Rats.

Monday, March 19
Kamiko Highley, St. Cloud State:  Female Mate Choice in Pseudo Wild vs. Truly Wild (Poecilia latipinna).

Monday, March 26
Anna Schorr, St. Cloud State:  Yeast Two Hybrid Screen of a (Toxoplasma gondii) Cyclin-Like Protein TGME 266900 (CYc6)

Monday, April 2
Paul Babitzke, Penn State:  "Post-transcription Initiation Control of Gene Expression:  RNA Polymerase Pausing, Transcription Termination, and Repression of Translation."

Monday, April 9
Chimaobim Uzochukwu, St. Cloud State:  The Black Seed, Myth or Reality?

Monday, April 16
Maxime Vaugeoi, University of Minnesota:  Virtual Experiments:  Modeling Applications in Environmental Sciences.

Monday, April 23
Danielle Burski, St. Cloud State:  Induced Mate Choice Copying Behavior in Domestic Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Through Predation Stress