Department of Biology


Seminar Series

Seminars are open to all and begin at noon in ISELF 110. Seminars are typically 45-50 minutes long and end in time for 1 p.m. classes.

Fall 2017

Monday, Sept. 11
Dr. Meaghan Guyader, Colorado School of Mines: Organic Pollutants in Minnesota Lakes: Assessing Chemical and Biologic Impacts from Septic Systems.

Monday, Sept. 18
Dr. Josh Stepanek, St. Cloud State University: Nature or Nurture? The Emerging Role for Comparative Phylogenetics in Algal Bioprospecting.

Monday, Sept. 25
Dr. Melanie Melendrez, St. Cloud State University: Dengue Viral Populations: Structure, Diversity and Dynamics.

Monday, Oct. 2
Dr. Kory Evans, University of Minnesota: Developmental Bias Facilitates Trophic Diversification in Neotropical Electric Fishes.

Monday, Oct. 16
Dr. Meaghan Guyader, Colorado School of Mines: Shallow Lake Ecology from the Perspective of a Pristine Setting: Alternative Stable State Theory.

Monday, Oct. 23
Dr. Mark Minger, St. Cloud State University: Teaching Evolution - Confronting Misconceptions.

Monday, Oct. 30
Dr. Ry Marcattilo-McCracken, University of Oklahoma: Creating Born Criminals.

Monday, Nov. 6
Dr. Jianning Tao, Sanford Research, South Dakota: Notching the Skeleton: Using Genetically Engineered Mouse Models to Study Bone Cancer.

Monday, Nov. 13
Dr. Ryan Fink, St. Cloud State University: Salmonella’s Desiccation Survival and Thermal Tolerance: Genetic, Physiological, and Metabolic Factors.

Monday, Nov. 20
Dr. Mark Ferrey, MN Pollution Control Agency: Our chemical footprint on the environment: a cause for serious concern?

Monday, Nov. 27
Dr. Maxime Vaugeois, University of Minnesota: Virtual experiments: modeling applications in environmental sciences.


Spring 2017

Monday, Jan. 9
Dr. Satomi Kohno, Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University: 17 alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate, a Potential Pharmaceutical Endocrine Disruptions in Utero

Monday, Jan. 16
No Seminar

Monday, Jan. 23
Dr. JP Dundore-Arias, Research Associate, University of Minnesota, Department of Plant Pathology: Harnessing the Potential for Soil Microbes to Enhance Plant Health and Productivity

Monday, Jan. 30
Dr. Gabe Gusmini, R&D Director of Crop Improvement, PepsiCo: Crop Improvement at PepsiCo Translates "Plant Potential" into Impact on Food Value-Chains and Consumers

Monday, Feb. 6
Julia Beni, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: Triclosan, Antibiotic Resistance and Wastewater Treatment: How are they Connected?

Monday, Feb. 13
Tonya Ward, Research Associate, University of Minnesota: Probiotics as Alternatives to Antibiotics in Turkeys

Monday, Feb. 20
No Seminar

Monday, Feb. 27
Lina Wang, St. Cloud State Graduate Student, Thesis Defense: Mixture of Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Effects on Three Generations of Fathead Minnows

Monday, Mar. 6
No Seminar

Monday, Mar. 13
Ran Blekhman, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota: Host Genomic Control of the Human Microbiome

Monday, Mar. 20
Rene Martin, St. Cloud State Graduate Student, Thesis Defense: Phylogenomics of Lanternfishes and the Evolution of Feeding Structures

Monday, Mar. 27
Les Warren, St. Cloud State Graduate Student, Thesis Defense: Septic Seepage in Minnesota Lakes and its Biological Effects on Resident Fish Populations

Monday, Apr. 3
Emily Olson, St. Cloud State Graduate Student, Thesis Defense: The Evolution of Fangs Across Ray-Finned Fishes (Actinopterygii)

Monday, Apr. 10
Kelly Jacobs, St. Cloud State Graduate Student, Thesis Defense: Managing Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) Using Restorative Methods

Monday, Apr. 17
Annie Jahan, St. Cloud State Graduate Student: Thesis Defense: MALDI-ToF: A rapid Identification of Dairy Pathogens

Monday, Apr. 24
Sandra Hinz, St. Cloud State Graduate Student: Thesis Defense: