Atwood Memorial Center

Somali Night

Cultural Events Schedule, 2018 / 2019

Celestine R. Stang, Scheduling Director

Date Name of Event Student Organization Venue
9/23/2018 China Night Chinese Student & Scholars Association Atwood Ballroom/Glacier
9/29/2018 Sri lanka Night Ayubowan Sri Lanka Organization Ritsche Auditorium/Atwood Ballroom 
10/6/2018 Pakistan Night Pakistan Student Association Atwood Ballroom
10/27/2018 Darshain & Tihar Night Helping Nepal International Ritsche Auditorium/Atwood Ballroom 
11/3/2018 Korean Night Korean Student Association Atwood Ballroom
11/10/2018 Bangladesh Night Bangladesh Student Association Atwood Ballroom
11/17/2018 Indian Night India Heritage Club Atwood Ballroom
12/1/2018 African Night African Student Association Atwood Upper Level
12/8/2018 Karen Night Karen Student United Association Atwood Ballroom
2/2/2019 Vietnamese Night Vietnamese Student Association Atwood Ballroom/Glacier
2/9/2019 Viva Oromo Oromo Student Organization Atwood Ballroom 
2/16/2019 Ebony Night Council of African American Students Atwood Ballroom
3/16/2019 Somali Night Somali Student Association Atwood Upper Level
3/23/2019 Malaysian Night Malaysian Student Association Atwood Ballroom / Glacier
3/30/2019 Nepal Night Nepalese Student Association Ritsche Auditorium/Atwood Ballroom 
4/6/2019 Japan Night J P Network Atwood Ballroom 
4/13/2019 Hmong Night Hmong Student Organization Atwood Ballroom/Glacier
4/20/2019 German Night German Club Atwood Ballroom 
4/27/2019 Nigerian Night Nigerian Student Organization Atwood Ballroom


*performances are scheduled in the ballroom unless indicated in Ritsche