Atwood Memorial Center

Food and Beverages in Atwood

Food is permitted in the Theatre. However, food is not to be served in the Theatre.

Potlucks are not allowed. This does not include individuals within an office area of Atwood who would like to host a potluck.

Food and Beverage Policy

See St. Cloud State Campus Food Management Policy.

No food and beverages will be sold or served in Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) or on the adjacent malls, unless purchased through or prepared by, Chartwells, AMC Convenience Store and/or AMC.  This is in accordance with Minnesota State Law, Minnesota State, and St. Cloud State University policies and contracts.

Under special circumstances, the Director of Atwood may grant an exception as provided in certain contracts.

If a non-campus catering company is approved, the Non-Campus Food Service Vendor Checklist form must be followed and all required information must be met and submitted 30 days prior to the Director of Conferences and Scheduling.

  • The Non-Campus Food Service Vendor Checklist can be obtained a from the Director of Conferences and Scheduling located in the AMC 134 office.

Groups failing to comply with the Atwood food and beverage policy will be subject to payment of any costs incurred as a result of the event and the following sanctions:

  • Receive a warning
  • The loss of the organization’s ability to reserve space in Atwood

*Contact the Director of Conferences and Scheduling at 320-308-2075 for a detailed list of the University's general insurance requirements.


The Atwood grill is for use on the mall only and is restricted to student organization fund raisers on class days and to food service.

Refer to: Atwood Grilling Procedures


In order to serve alcohol for your event, the President must sign off per Minnesota State Board Policy. The paperwork should be sent to the Office of Finance and Administration and from there in will be sent through the request process for the President's signature.

Refer to: 
St. Cloud State University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy & Procedure

Bake Sales

**Due to COVID-19, additional restrictions apply to Bake Sales at this time. Please contact Jayne Balicky, Assistant Director for Event Services, at to discuss these restrictions.**

Officially registered student organizations are authorized to hold Bake Sales of Non-potentially Hazardous Foods* on the St. Cloud State University campus only in specific approved locations reserved through the Atwood Scheduling office or via the online EMS scheduling system. All approved bake sales must be in compliance with all Food Safety Recommendations (below), university financial procedures (outlined in the student organization handbook), and other applicable university policies and procedures.  

*Non-potentially hazardous foods are defined as foods that do not require heat or refrigeration to retard spoilage in normal serving times. Examples of non-potentially hazardous baked items would include cookies, brownies, non-dairy or non-cream filled baked goods, donuts, or baked products that are made and contained by a licensed producer that are to be dispensed in the original packaging and do not require temperature control (e.g. – a wrapped muffin).

Current approved locations

  • Ritsche Auditorium Lobby (or entrance to Stewart Hall near Lobby)
  • Centennial Hall – 2nd floor lounge area
  • Wick Science Building – 1st floor main corridor
  • Engineering and Computing Center – 1st  floor main corridor 
  • Atwood Memorial Center – Main Lounge Table 3 location – (only on 1st and 3rd Friday of each month if available)

General Food Safety Recommendations For Bake Sales (Must be followed)

  1. Sound sanitation practices, such as using clean equipment, must be followed when preparing, packaging, serving, transporting, displaying, and selling bake sale items.
  2. Baked goods that require to be kept at a certain temperature (hot or cold) must not be sold. Must stay away from anything with dairy fillings or frostings, etc. that need to be kept cold. Also stay away from offering nut-based baked goods due to high number of nut-based and other food-related allergies and/or sensitivities with potential life-threatening effects. (see # 6 and #7)
  3. Food handlers who are preparing, packaging, transporting, displaying, or selling bake sale items must be free of communicable diseases. Their hands and arms must be free of wounds, cuts, and sores.   Food service glove, tongs, or food tissue use is required for any handling of the baked goods.
  4. Those (food handlers) contributing to or participating in the event must wash their hands with soap before working and after each break (rest room, smoking, etc.). 
  5. The food handlers should not handle the money exchange; a separate organization member should serve that role.
  6. Organizers should maintain a list of everyone contributing food items to the sale or event. The list should include each contributor’s name and contact information.  
  7. A list of all ingredients for the baked items offered should be displayed, but if that is not possible, a disclaimer should be displayed indicating “Ingredients information is not available so if you have a food allergy or sensitivity, please make a safe purchase decision.”   
  8. All food ingredients used must be obtained from a licensed and approved food source (grocery store, etc.)
  9. All food items and plates or containers they are transported in, served on, and displayed in should be completely wrapped (plastic wrap, tin foil, container lid, etc.) It is encouraged that serving/selling portions are individually wrapped.
  10. Any eating utensils provided should be single use and disposable, and wrapped to prevent contamination.