Atwood Memorial Center

Atwood Grill Guidelines

Helpful Documents

Guidelines Prior to Event

  • Reserve Space - Choose your fundraising date and reserve the grilling area on the Atwood Mall using the campus scheduling system, EMS at: Jayne Balicky in the Administration Office in Atwood (134) is the primary contact for grilling questions and can be reached at 308-2075.
  • Order Food and Supplies - All food and supplies for grilling by student organizations will need to be ordered from campus catering services, Chartwells. The Catering staff can be contacted at 308-4295. A Catering Expense Authorization Form will need to be completed to ensure the organization has approval for the use of adequate funds. The pricing sheet is also attached.
  • Requesting Donated Product from the Viking Coke Initiative Fund – If your organization wishes to request and then receives donated Coke beverage products from the Viking Coke Initiative Fund, the donated products CANNOT BE USED FOR RE-SALE. All donated products must be given away in support of a program. This policy directly includes efforts to fundraise utilizing the Atwood Mall Grilling Area.  The Viking Coke Initiative Fund donations are intended to support campus-wide efforts to serve students while impacting University initiatives. 
  • Recruiting and Scheduling of Volunteers – make sure you have enough volunteers to cook, assemble, serve and handle money for the duration of your event. Please remember that the volunteers cooking cannot be the same volunteers handling money; these duties need to be separated to ensure a safe event.

Guidelines for Day of Event

Pick up and Set Up Instructions

  • Food, beverages, supplies, and grill kit (which includes utensils) – These items should be picked up at the Kitchen located in Atwood Memorial Center (AMC) Room 131. A mobile food cart, refrigeration unit, and hand washing station will be stocked and ready to transport to the grilling area.  You will need to complete and sign the Chartwells Pick Up/Return sheet with the Catering staff (a copy is attached in packet).  
  • The beverage cooler and cash box – The beverage cooler should be picked up from the Atwood Administration office located in Room 134. Ice for the beverage cooler should be obtained from Chartwells. The cashbox should be obtained at the Atwood Information Desk.
  • Set up and starting the grill –
    • The refrigeration unit should be plugged in to keep the meat cold. Un-cooked meat should be moved directly from refrigerated unit to the grill. 
    • The money handling and customer service area should be set up on the front counter facing Stewart Hall.  No food preparation should be conducted on this counter. 
    • The gas line and grill will need to be turned on by an Atwood building staff member when you are ready to begin cooking. The grill cover should be stored under the front counter. 
    • The drain plug on the beverage cooler should be left opened so the ice melt can drain freely.
    • Review and follow all safe food prep, handling and storage practices outlined below.

Required Safe Food Handling and Preparation

Safe and careful handling of raw meats and poultry is critical to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and contaminating other foods. It is extremely important that proper temperatures are reached during cooking to destroy harmful bacteria.  Please follow these practices:

  • Hand Washing – Hands must be thoroughly washed using the hand washing station provided before starting work and if returning to the food preparation area; during work as often as necessary to keep hands clean; after handling raw meat or vegetables, after using a rest room; after coughing, sneezing, or using a tissue or tobacco product; after drinking or eating; and after touching skin or handling soiled items.  Gloves should be worn as well to ensure clean hands when preparing, assembling, and serving.
  • Preventing Cross Contamination –
    • Use only clean, sanitized food containers, surfaces, and utensils.  
    • If a utensil is dropped, it should be returned to Atwood for cleaning and the backup utensil should be used.
    • Never use the same utensils for food containers for handling raw meat  and also handling ready-to-eat foods (i.e. – hamburger buns, cooked foods, etc.)  Never touch raw foods and ready-to-eat foods with same utensils.
    • Never touch ready-to-eat foods with your bare hands. Use gloves.
    • Provide single use, disposable containers and eating utensils to customers. Never re-use disposables.
    • Keep bare hands away from food contact surfaces like lips of cups, plates, etc. Use Gloves.
  • Food Preparation and Cooking – a thermometer is provided.  Time and temperature requirement must be met to ensure safe food.
    • Cook foods thoroughly – Keep raw meats on ice or refrigerated until ready to cook on grill.  Hamburger and pork must be cooked to 155 – 160 degrees until juices run clear and are no longer pink; poultry must be cooked to 165 degrees; and reheating food must be cooked to 165 degrees.    A separate utensil should be used to place meat on buns or plates after cooked.
    • Holding hot foods – Hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees and kept no longer than 2 hours.
    • Holding cold foods – Cold foods must be kept at 40 degrees or less.
    • Discard any hot or cold foods after 4 hours if held between 40 and 140.

Money Handling

The safest practice is for separate individuals to handle the money and the food.   If an individual does both, hands should ALWAYS be washed in the approved hand washing station provided with soap and disposable paper towels to dry in between duties.

Safe Food Storage during the event

  • Raw meat must be stored separately from foods that are ready to eat, and should be stored in the supplied refrigeration unit and kept at 40 degrees or less when not being cooked on the grill.   If the insulated cooler is used, the cover must be kept closed as much as possible, and the thermometer must be checked frequently to ensure meats are kept at 40 degrees or less.
  • All food, utensils, and food packaging/serve items must be kept at least 6 inches off the floor/ground, and stored in clean, washable containers until needed.
  • Chilled beverages must be kept in an insulated cooler on ice or ice packets, and the cooler’s drain must be open so that the melting liquid drains freely in to a catch basin.
  • Prepackaged foods should not be stored in contact with water or ice.
  • Cover and protect exposed when not being prepared, assembled or served.

Clean Up and Return of Supplies, Equipment, and Non-Perishable Items

  • Grill shutdown – Contact an Atwood building staff member to ensure proper shut down of the grill and the gas line. Cover should be replaced when grill is cleaned and cool.
  • Clean Up – Use the equipment and supplies provided to you to clean the grill surface, all service counters, and the coolers and refrigeration unit. Chartwells will take care of washing and sanitizing the utensils in the grill kit when it is returned.
  • Return and/or storage of items –
    • For a 1-day event – All leftover food and beverage product must be removed and not returned to Atwood or Catering. All other un-opened supplies, carts, refrigeration unit, etc. are to be returned to the Catering Office, Room 127 and the Atwood Administration office, Room 134. You will need to complete and sign the Chartwells Pick Up/Return sheet with the Catering staff (a copy is attached in packet).  
    • For a multiple day event – At the end of each day, follow the return steps above except… the beverage cooler with remaining unopened beverages can be stored in the walk in refrigeration unit in the c-store, Quick Zone until starting the next day’s activities. If uncooked meat has been kept in the mobile refrigerated unit, it can be kept for the next day’s activities if the unit is kept powered at proper temperature in the c-store as well. If not, the uncooked meet must be removed, not used, and not returned. A storage form must be completed with Catering staff as well. 
    • It is the group’s responsibility to pick up any leftovers (not ever to be used for re-sale) within 2 days of the event, or the items will be disposed of by Chartwells. 

Guidelines After Event (financial close)

  • Revenue deposit instructions – Review and use the Minnesota Food Sales Tax reference sheet and the Food Sale Fundraiser Sales Tax Worksheet (copies are attached in packet).  Take your revenue and the completed worksheet to the Business Services office located in AS 123 for correct deposit. This should be completed as soon as possible after the event (Same day is preferable).
  • Ensure Chartwells invoice is paid – When your organization receives the emailed invoice for your food items and supplies, please work with your advisor to promptly process a 1400 form in order to pay Chartwells for their product and service.
  • Gas chargeback – Atwood Memorial Center will process an internal chargeback for the costs of gas to power the grill.


Groups failing to cancel a grill reservation at least one week in advance will receive a warning after the first infraction and a $25 penalty for each time thereafter. To cancel a reservation, stop in the scheduling office (Atwood 134) or call (320) 308-2905 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Frequent last-minute cancellations or non-use of reserved facilities will affect a group's ability to make future reservations and may result in a fee.