Student Government


II) Student Government

A) Definition and Purpose

1) The St. Cloud State University Student Government consists of all persons serving as elected or appointed members of Student Government.

2) The purpose of Student Government is to be the legislative and representative body of the Student Association.

3) The Assembly consists of Senators, Executive Officers, and other officers as designated within the Student Constitution and operating documents.

B) Rights and Responsibilities

1) Student Government shall have the right to make recommendations prior to final University actions affecting the Student Association.

2) Student Government shall establish for the Student Association such services as may be desired or needed unless it is financially or logistically unfeasible.

3) Student Government shall have the right to autonomy in selecting faculty advisors and in its other operations.  Student Government will consult with the University prior to confirmation of their advisor.

4) Student Government shall hold open meetings of the Assembly once per week during the academic year, excluding term breaks, finals week and at the discretion of Student Government.

5) Student Government may, with the approval of two-thirds of the Assembly, hold additional special meetings of Student Government.

6) Student Government shall adopt operating documents to supplement this Constitution to assist in establishing responsibilities, procedures, and areas of interest to Student Government.

C) Membership

1)  Eligibility

a) To be eligible for a Student Government office, a Student Association member must maintain enrolled status throughout their term of office.

b) To be eligible for a Student Government office, a Student Association member must not be on academic or disciplinary probation at the University.

i) If a Student Association member is or will be on disciplinary probation during their term of office, the University shall determine whether that member is eligible to serve as a member of Student Government according to the guidelines and principles established by Student Government.

c) A Student Association member who does not satisfy requirement 1.a shall not be afforded any probationary period and is not eligible for any Student Government office.

d) If, for both of their two most recent enrolled academic terms, a Student Association member is on academic probation at the University or does not have a cumulative or term GPA at or above 2.00, the member is ineligible to serve and shall be removed from their Student Government office.

2 Responsibilities

a) All Student Government members shall agree to abide by all of the provisions of this Constitution, the Student Government operating documents.

3) Discipline and Removal

a) Disciplinary action against Student Government members shall be reserved to a prescribed process in the operating documents and to the Judicial Council.

i) Disciplinary action against Student Government members by individuals or bodies of Student Government other than Judicial Council shall be limited to censure only.

b) This section shall not be interpreted to restrict the right of the Student Association to remove a member of Student Government from office per Article VIII. A. 4 of this Constitution.

c) Any member of Student Government suspected of willfully neglecting the duties incumbent upon them in their official capacity and/or violating the University Student Code of Conduct as independently determined by Student Government may be brought before Judicial Council for trial through procedures established by the Judicial Council.

i) Neglect of duty may be further defined in the Bylaws and shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) Inadequate attendance of Student Government functions.

(b) Willful violation of the reasonable direction of an individual or body acting within the scope of the individual or body’s authority.

D) Summer Student Government

1) Summer activity by Student Government shall be held according to a process outlined in the operating documents and shall be accorded the full authority, breadth and depth of activity of Student Government as outlined in this Constitution.

2) Any Student Government actions taken during summer term shall be subject to the appropriate procedures for approval and appeal of Student Government actions as outlined in this Constitution and the operating documents.

3) The President shall notify Student Government within five days of any actions taken on behalf of Student Government.

E) Resignations of Student Government members shall be submitted to the Executive Committee in writing or by email.

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