Student Government


VIII) Referendum

A) Definition and Purpose

1) A referendum is the submission of proposed or active legislation to a direct vote of approval or disapproval by the Student Association. The purpose of a referendum is to solicit an accurate opinion from the Student Association on a particular question.

2) Solicit Opinion

a) Any Student Government member may submit any measure to the Student Association for its consideration to more accurately determine the opinion of the Student Association on said measure.

3) Constitution and Constitutional Amendments

a) Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed to and developed by the Student Constitution Committee.

b) Proposed amendments shall be submitted to a vote of Student Government.  With an approval of two-thirds of Student Government, proposed amendments shall be submitted to a vote of the Student Association membership. If approved by a majority of those voting and if at least eight percent (8%) of the Student Association membership votes, they shall be submitted to the University President for approval.

c) If approved by the University President, such amendments shall become effective immediately unless otherwise specified in the amendment.

d) If modified, such recommendation shall be submitted to the Student Association for approval or disapproval. If approved, they become effective immediately.

e) If the original proposal is disapproved by either the University President or the Student Association membership, or if the University President’s recommended modifications are not approved by the Student Association, the proposal shall be referred to the Student Constitution Committee for further action.

f) Upon ratification the Student Government shall be responsible for the implementation of all the provisions of this Constitution.

4) Removal of a member of the body

a) Upon petition by at least five percent of the Student Association a referendum shall be held to remove a member of Student Government. A member of Student Government shall be removed from office if at least ten percent of the Student Association votes on a referendum to remove said member and the majority of those voting vote in favor of removal. A separate petition and referendum shall be made for each member addressed in this manner.

B) Quorum

1) Quorum shall be defined as eight percent of the Student Association members.

C) Process

1)  All referenda submitted to the Student Association shall require two calendar weeks prior notice as to the time, place, date and nature of the matter to be considered.

a) Any referenda calling for modification to Fee Allocation Committee policies or procedures or an adjustment to Student Fees shall be submitted no less than six months prior to the fiscal year during which the change shall become effective.

2) Student Government shall oversee and ensure the accurate dissemination to the Student Association of all information relevant to referenda.

3) The presentation of referenda and subsequent vote collection, interpretation and recording will be handled by the Elections Committee as defined in section IV.B.1.a.

4) A bill may be introduced as a referendum item with an initiative of eight percent of the Student Association, including the ability to discipline and remove any member of Student Government.