Student Government


Welcome to the Student Government Alumni Association (SGAA).

We are excited about your interest in getting back involved with Student Government. The SGAA provides opportunities for Student Government Alumni to reconnect with their alma mater by joining the SGAA as a general member, by applying to serve on the SGAA board,  or by becoming a peer mentor to a current Student Government member.

Our Mission

  • To support the growth and development of Student Government through mentorship, financial and collaborative means
  • To support ongoing and long-term projects of Student Government
  • To create lasting relationships and strengthen existing ones between current members and alumni
  • To promote longevity, sustainability and inclusiveness
  • To preserve integrity and transparency
  • To create and maintain the Student Government Alumni Scholarship

Learn about the creation and establishment of the SGAA.

To apply to serve on the SGAA Board, fill out an application and send it to

To become a peer mentor, fill out an application and send it to

To donate to the SGAA, contact the SCSU Foundation at