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What our leaders love about St. Cloud State University

Shahzad Ahmad Director

Multicultural Student Services


Tommy Balicky
Tommy Balicky Interim Executive Director

Atwood Memorial Center   |   Campus Involvement

"I enjoy the diversity amongst our students. I've had the privilege of working with students from all across the world and learned so much in doing so. I also am grateful for all the opportunities that St. Cloud State has provided me. I've really been able to grow professionally through the various roles that I've work in."

Charlie Curtis
Charlie Curtis Director

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center

"I love getting to know students from many different backgrounds!"

Calvin Diggs
Calvin Diggs Director

Campus Recreation

"I love the students!"

Christa Hayes
Christa Hayes Director

Director of Civic Engagement & Assessment   |   Huskies Food Pantry

“I love SCSU because of our vibrant campus community, and our dedication to see each and every student succeed.”

Jen Johnson
Jen Johnson Director

Healthy Huskies   |   Recovery Resource Center   |   UChoose 

"I love the people at St. Cloud State. The students are excited to learn and the employees truly care about every student and each other."

One of my favorite quotes is “We can do small things we GREAT love.” From Mother Teresa. We embody this! We all contribute in many ways, and do so with an abundance of love and care. My hope is that students come here and feel supported, valued, heard, and encouraged.

Rebecca Kotz
Rebecca Kotz Interim Director

Women's Center

“I love working with students and staff who are committed to justice/equity and transformation on campus and in the community. I was fortunate to find this type of community as a SCSU student, and appreciate this now as a staff member. I love hearing about the passions and interests of student and colleague activists and how we are working collectively towards liberation to create a different world. This is so energizing to me!”

Lacey Lokken
Lacey Lokken Director

American Indian Center

Zac Mangas
Zac Mangas Director

Veterans Resource Center

"Since I’m a big fan of being close to water, I appreciate that the university is located along the Mississippi River. I find it helpful to equate the river to some of the challenges our students face. Like the river when it rises in the spring and drops during the summer, our students run into obstacles that surface at times. As they overcome these obstacles, they continue on in their growth as they pass through campus. Seeing this growth and being part of it is a big reason why I love St. Cloud State."

Jen Matzke
Jen Sell Matzke Dean of Students

Dean of Students Office

"Our students, of course! I love working with such a diverse student body, I love learning from and with our amazing Huskies."

Valory McSweeney
Valory McSweeney Interim Director

Residential Life

"We have amazing students at SCSU! I love getting to know them and learning about their backgrounds, interests and aspirations. There are so many ways for students to get involved and engage in activities/events that help them get to know one another, have fun and enrich their college experience. Staff and faculty are approachable and dedicated to supporting student well-being and academic success."

Brent Nielsen
Brent Nielsen Medical Director

Medical Clinic

“Getting to work with wonderful students from all over the world, everyday."

Rebecca Peine
Rebecca Peine Assistant Dean of Students

Dean of Students Office

"The campus culture of care and making student-centered decisions. I appreciate the ability to work collaboratively across campus with different offices and departments to support student success and wellbeing. We take care of our pack!"

Jennifer Rocheleau Dorholt
Jennifer Rocheleau Dorholt Director

Counseling and Psychological Services

"The People! It is the best place to work. I find it incredibly inspiring to work with both bright-eyed college students as well as alongside faculty and staff who continuously challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone. I am grateful to be here, focusing on what matters – People – our relationships, our well-being, and our collective personal and educational growth."

Michelle Schmitz
Michelle Schmitz Executive Director

Career Center

"The students. To work in an environment surrounded by individuals who are seeking knowledge to better themselves for almost 20 years is extremely fulfilling."

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