At UChoose, we work to change the way the campus, its students, faculty and staff think about alcohol and drugs.

We're here to help students understand the impact of high-risk alcohol and drug behaviors on their education and their lives.

And, we connect students to appropriate campus and community resources while we educate them on responsible behaviors.

We provide alternatives and support for students to make informed choices, even offering a residential recovery community setting.

We know we're successful. Students, parents, police and the community tell us we have a positive impact, and statistics show it.

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Check out our online assessments to examine your attitude about alcohol and cannabis and your patterns of use.

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Our award-winning UChoose program has a long and successful history on the campus of St. Cloud State University.

Information for students

Tips for hosts and guests who want to plan and party responsibly, and information on the ordinances and university policies that will affect your decisions.

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