Alcohol Safety & COVID-19

Drinking while partying can feel like a rite of passage, an opportunity to hang out with friends, meet new people or de-stress. 

At SCSU 40% of students choose not to drink. If students do drink, they have about three drinks per week.


As much as we wish we could have a normal campus experience, the reality is that hosting or attending large social gatherings and parties will jeopardize our ability to maintain an in-person campus environment.

If you choose to drink and party, keep these things in mind.

Alcohol Safety & COVID-19

Keep Your Group Small

Protect The Pack

Have a Plan

Set a Limit & Stick to It

Take Care of Your Friends

Consent & Drinking

More Safety Resources

Party Goer or Party Thrower?

Whether you choose to host a party or attend a gathering or spend time with friends in a local bar or restaurant, there are tips to keep you and others safe. 

Student Safety

Safety is our No. 1 priority. Learn about how St. Cloud State is keeping you safe.

Online Assessments

e-CHECKUP TO GO is an interactive, confidential web survey that allows you to enter information about your drinking patterns and receive personalized feedback about your alcohol use.