Research and Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Expenditures

Hiring Employees

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for initiating all hiring and payroll actions, as well as supervision of sponsored project personnel. All personnel must be paid in accordance with University guidelines. Salary rates, job classifications and regulations for personnel employed on sponsored projects are the same as those established for all other employees of the University.

Salaries, Wages, and Fringe Benefits

Personnel costs for employees working on a sponsored project must follow institutional policies and procedures. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will provide guidance on all payroll procedures related to your sponsored project.

Personnel paid from a sponsored project account are subject to institutional benefit policies. Contact the Benefits Representative in Human Resources for information on policies and procedures, or refer to the Human Resources Policies/Procedures Manual. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs can also assist with estimating fringe costs for personnel working on a sponsored project.

For sponsored project paid assignments for SCSU faculty and staff:

  1. Workload and work assignments should be coordinated in advance by the employee and their supervisor.
  2. Budgetary review and approval must be concluded by Research and Sponsored Programs prior to entry/processing to verify work alignment and expense allowability with the award approved to SCSU.
    1. RSP will return/provide written approval of sponsored supported assignment to include with personnel request/record.
    2. NOTE: If sponsored paid assignments are processed and paid without RSP’s budgetary review and later deemed unallowable, the expense becomes the liability of the originating school/college/area.
  3. The employee’s supervisor is the final decision-maker for the work assignment request.

New employees

Existing faculty

Existing MSUAASF


Hiring Students

The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for initiating all hiring and payroll actions, as well as supervision of all undergraduate and graduate students working on the sponsored project.

Students being paid by a sponsored project must be approved to do work and have work authorizations prior to work beginning.


Graduate assistants

Scholarships for student tuition

Hiring Consultants/Contractors

To hire a consultant or contractor, the PI must complete an Independent Contractor/Employee Status Form and send to Human Resources (HR) for determination prior to moving forward with the contract.

Independent service agreement

Professional/Technical Contract (SCSU003)


Sponsored project budgets are authorized for setup in alignment with the associated approved budget and award terms. Any requests to deviate from the authorized budget must be reviewed and approved by Research and Sponsored Programs, please see Budget Revisions for additional information. 

Procedures for purchasing on a sponsored project are the same as for other University expenditures. Prior to purchasing, designated personnel must receive purchasing access.

To facilitate access, the Principal Investigator (PI) needs to email the Purchase Control System (PCS) Account Security to request full purchasing rights to the appropriate cost center. To find the PCS Account Security contact information, please visit: Business Services.

Once the access is granted, designated personnel or another party can make purchases on the PI’s behalf.

Special expenses

Vendor registration

Purchasing card

Purchase orders

Payment requests


Prior to traveling

Travel expense report

Travel questions

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