Office of Records and Registration

Degree Completion and Graduation

Stay on Track to Wrap-Up Your Degree or Certificate

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The degree and certificate completion processes assures all requirements pertaining to an academic curriculum have been met. This includes, but not limited to: requirements for a major, minor (if applicable), residency, general education courses (LEP), number of upper division credits, and overall credit count. Successful degree or certificate completion will be reflected on a student's transcript and diploma.  

An interactive degree audit report (DARS) is used by students and advisors to know what is needed to complete a program, and by the Graduation Evaluation team to determine that all requirements are complete and a degree, or certificate, is ready to be awarded. 

Degrees and certificates are awarded three times throughout the year: end of summer, fall, and spring terms. To learn more about completing your degree or certificate, follow the links below. 

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