When Can I Register?

Registration start times can be found in e-Services under Courses & Registration > Registration Window.

Many courses fill up quickly. Students are advised to meet with their advisor(s) prior to their registration.

Registration Policies

Priority Registration

Priority registration is granted for the following groups of students:

  • Students admitted to graduate level programs
  • Student athletes
  • Students admitted to the honors program in good standing
  • Student veterans

Students in the above groups may register at the time indicated on the registration schedule or anytime thereafter.

Registration Permissions

  • Students seeking registration into courses listed as "Major Students Only" must be officially admitted to a major or program in that department.
  • Students seeking exceptions to register for a course must work with the corresponding department.

Misuse of the Registration System

It is misuse of the registration system for a student to:

  • Register for a class or multiple sections of a class with the intent to “save” the class for another student; or
  • Register for multiple sections of the same class with the intent to decide at a later date which section to attend.

Students who misuse the registration system will be subject to reduced registration privileges, ranging from the loss of the right to advance register to the deletion of registered courses. Multiple registrations for the same class will be deleted. The student is also subject to possible disciplinary action taken by the university.  The student who adds a “saved” class will also be subject to the actions listed above.

Unauthorized use of the registration system may result in criminal prosecution. A student who tampers or attempts to tamper with the registration of another student may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.


A student who registers for a class(es) and stops attending without officially dropping or withdrawing, will be held responsible for payment and receive the earned grade for the class(es).

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