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Interactive Degree Audit (DARS)

What the Degree Audit Does

The Interactive Degree Audit (DARS), also called Minnesota State Student Planner, is used in the following ways to help students, staff, and faculty:

Track progress toward graduation!

Degree Audit-the tool that provides a personalized listing of requirements and courses, marking them as already complete, planned, or still needed.

Stay on path to intended graduation time!

Graduation Planner-a dynamic academic planning toll that uses the most up-to-date information available from the student record system and DARs, including transfer and in-progress courses. 

Create an optimized schedule!

Schedule Builder-uses courses pushed from a "Preferred Plan" in the Graduation Planner or manually added to create multiple schedule options in order to select the best schedule choice for individual students.

How to Guides are available through the Minnesota State Student Planner site.

The Power of the Degree Audit

The Degree Audit Reporting System is a platform that illustrates progress-toward-degree reports for students. Such reports show all of the requirements needed to receive a degree from St. Cloud State University and which courses are options to satisfy those requirements.

Degree audits are available for all students enrolled in a St. Cloud State University degree program via eServices. The degree audit link is located under Academic Records. 

Note: The degree audit report is often referred to as DARS.

You Can Play "What If?"

The "What-if" audit illustrates how your course of study may change if you were to declare an additional major, change major, or add a minor. The "What-if" degree audit will apply your completed course work and how your requirements for graduation will change.

To obtain a “What-if” degree audit

  1. Login to e-Services.
  2. Choose "Degree Audit" under Academic Records.
  3. After entering your StarID and password, choose "Select a Different Program."

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