Office of Records and Registration

Entering Grades Online

Contact Teri Longstrom – 308-4036 or Sue Bayerl 308-4039 if you have any questions.

  1. Grades for Summer term 2019 may be entered during the following time period:
    1. Wednesday, July 3: Grading deadline for Summer Session I 2019
    2. Thursday, August 8: Grading deadline for Full Summer Session and Summer Session II 2019
    3. Short session courses: Grading deadline is 4 business days after a course ends

  2. Go to eServices Sign In
  3. Enter your Login (NOT your SSN) and your Password.
    1. Login ID: (StarID)
      1. If you do not know your StarID, click on the "Need login help" link.
      2. Click on the "Forgot StarID?" link.
      3. StarID Self Service
      4. Return to eServices Sign-In
    2. Password:
      1. If you do not know your Password, click on the "Need Login Help" link.
      2. Click on the "Forgot StarID Password?" link.
      3. StarID Self Service
      4. Return to eServices Sign-In
  4. Click on the "Login" button.
  5. Click on the "Class Management" link on the left side.
  6. If a term displays other than the current term of grade entry, Click on the "Change Semester" link.
  7. Click on "Grade & LDA Entry". A list of courses for which you are listed as the instructor will appear.
  8. Review the “Grading Status” column. For those courses which display the message, “Open”, click on “Enter Grades” in the “Enter Grades / LDA per Course” column.

    Note: If the message, “Open” does NOT appear in the Grading Status column and your course should be open for grading, please contact the Office of Records and Registration via as we may not have received an accurate end date for your course.

  9. The Class Roster will display. Choose from the following under the “Select Student Participation” column
    Important Note: By default, the “Completed Term" option is selected for all students registered for the course.
  • Completed Term: Choose the grade from the drop down menu
  • Partially Attended: Enter the Last date of Attendance (LDA) - No grade entry is required. A grade of F will automatically be assigned.
  • Never Attended: Select this option for students who never attended or participated in your course. No last date of attendance entry is required. The grade of NA will automatically be assigned.

Grades of F and U require the entry of a last date of attendance/participation.

  1. Click on “Post Final Grades”.
  2. After reviewing your grade entry for accuracy, enter your Password associated with your StarID.
  3. A Confirmation page will display. Students will be able to view their grade(s) immediately after the grades have been posted.
  4. Grades may only be entered once per year term. Changes and/or corrections to posted grades can be submitted via eServices Sign In. Click on “Grade Change” under the Faculty menu in the upper left corner.
  5. Click on “Return to Course List” to repeat the grade entry process for other courses.

Reminder: If a student does not appear on your class list, they are not successfully registered in your class.