What is Transfer Review?

Transfer Review is a request to appeal the initial evaluation of how a course was transferred to SCSU/shows on the degree audit. These courses may be showing as elective courses and located in the University Elective category instead of in the major or a goal area as anticipated.

This process can be initiated in e-Services under Academic Records in the left navigation. If a transfer course came in as an SCSU course number (ex: PSY 200 and not ELECT001 or TECHT001), but is not showing up in the right place on the audit, please talk with an advisor.

Before submitting a transfer review request, be sure all transcripts have been evaluated and all courses are showing in the transfer credit summary section the degree audit.

  • If credits from a MnState school do not show on your degree audit, request the credit to be updated by going to the Electronic Transcript Evaluation Request Form to request the transcript update.
  • If credits are from a non-MnState school, contact that school to have an official transcript be sent to SCSU. If you have already done this step, please email registrar@stcloudstate.edu to check on where it may be in the process.

How Transfer Review Works

In the Academic Records section of eServices, same location to see a Degree Audit, the Transfer Review process can be accessed for students to add the information for the course they want re-evaluated and attach a syllabus.

To access and complete the Transfer Review Process,

  • log into e-Services 
  • On the left side select will see Academic Records (one click)
  • Then select the Transfer Review link (one click)
  • Click "Add Request", on the top with the Green arrow
  • Then click on the green box "I have already viewed my degree audit report"
  • If the intended major is not listed, please type it in and Click the blue “Save and Continue” blue
  • Select the circle next to the course to be reviewed or click the circle for Custom Request (for custom request course information will need to be entered). Click "Go to next step"
  • Upload syllabus (If a syllabus is not available when a request is submitted, one can add it to the same request at a later date)
  • Submit Request

The Records and Registration Office Transfer Specialists review the request and may ask for additional information. If all of the information is clear on the request, it goes to the department chairperson where the course is housed. Once the department responds with a decision, results of the review will be sent through email.

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