Information Technology Services

Software and Business Applications

St. Cloud State offers a broad range of software apps (academic and business) for use under various licensing and contractual agreements. Availability is dependent upon role (faculty, staff, student, visitor or emeritus).

Some software, as negotiated with a variety of vendors, is available for personal use at no cost or at significantly discounted rates.

Access to Software

Software at St. Cloud State is available in a variety options to meet your needs.  Access software apps by either Direct Install, AppsAnywhere or Personal Downloads.

Direct installs (through software website)

AppsAnywhere (Remote Virtual Access)

Personal Downloads

Software Availability

Personal Devices Only (current employees/students)

Microsoft Office - Visit for Word, Excel & PowerPoint (
Students Microsoft Windows- Azure Dev Tools for Education ( login)
Personal Software - Visit the myHuskyNet portal for personal device downloads

Microsoft Office

Web graphics and publishing

Course-based and reference

Statistical and mathematical

Media (audio, video, etc)


Operating systems

Purchasing Software for University - Campus Use

Software Request - Purchase Order (Workday)

Software Request - Low Cost/Free

Adobe Creative Cloud
Office 365