Information Technology Services

Labs, Classrooms & Printing

Covid-19 lab update

Available labs will be posted to encourage appropriate physical distancing.


Computers are available for students to use all across campus. In addition, AppsAnywhere is also available for remote computing. All lab computers are accessible for login with a StarID and password.

General access labs and printers

Building/Location PCs Macs Scanning
Available for
Ruby Cora Webster Hall
WB 220
8   Yes BW
Atwood Memorial Center
Cultural Center AMC 117A
6 2   BW
Atwood Memorial Center
Cultural Center AMC 117C
4     BW
Atwood Memorial Center
Student Activities AMC 124
2     BW
Atwood Memorial Center
Student Activities AMC 145
5     BW
Atwood Memorial Center
Info Desk Kiosk AMC 166
2     BW
Atwood Memorial Center
AMC B55 (loft)
4     BW
Case/Hill Hall
Tech Center CSH 105
6 3 Yes BW
*Centennial Hall
Academic Learning Center CH 222
17 BW
*Centennial Hall
Business Lab CH 454/455
60 Yes BW
Education Building
EB B206
8 2 Yes BW
Engineering Computer Center
ECC 103
38 6 Yes BW
*Kiehle Hall
Computer Lab KVAC 105
20 Yes BW, CLR
Miller Center
1st Floor Center MC 140
27     BW, CLR
Miller Center
2nd Floor East MC 201
90 18 Yes BW
Miller Center
2nd Floor Center MC 216
18     BW
Miller Center
2nd Floor West MC 216B
49     BW
Miller Center
Coffee Shop MC 125
33 8   BW
Mitchell Hall
2nd Floor MH 276
8 2 Yes BW
Basement RG07
18     BW
Shoemaker Hall
Tech Center SMH 005
4 2   BW
Stewart Hall
3rd Floor SH 326
12   Yes BW
Student Rec Center
Basement SRC 57A
6 1   BW
Wick Science Building
WSB 110
21     BW

*Department Funded Labs - These labs are available for general student use during available hours each day. Academic classes have priority. Most of the labs are also available evening and weekends with limited access.

Curriculum/restricted access labs

These labs offer specialized computing resources and are only available to students enrolled in specific courses.

Lab Name Win Macs Location
Anatomy Lab 5 HaH 204
Anthropology 2 2 SH 20, 215
Art 51 KVAC 105
Assistive Technology Lab - Special Education 12 1 EB A238
Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences - Hydrology Lab 17 WSB 21
Atmospheric & Hydrologic Sciences - Meteorology Lab 20 WSB 103
Aviation 24 HH 114
Aviation Simulation 12 HH 116
Career Services 8 CH 215
Communication Sciences & Disorders 10 BH 105
Communication Sciences & Disorders - Speech Lab 13 BH 118
Communication Sciences & Disorders - Language Lab 7 BH 220
Communication Studies 9 HH 227 and R 201
Computer Network Lab (Computer Science) 35 HH 221
Computer Network Research Center (Computer Science) 28 HH 213
Computer Networking & Applications 60 ECC 103
Computer Networking & Applications Operating System 21 ECC 103
Computer Science 63 ECC 102, 102C, 102D
Curriculum & Technology Center Lab 3 EB A126
Economics Research 20 SH 304
Electrical & Computer Engineering 114 ECC 127, 201, 202, 203, 216, 221, 222
English - Intensive English Center 18 WB 2
English - New Media 22 WB 221
Environmental & Technological Studies 54 HH 109, 115, 121, 122, 124
Environmental & Technological Studies - CAD/Environmental 63 HH 212 & 232
Foreign Languages 7 LH G10
Geography - Spatial Analysis Research Center 28 SH 310 & 310A
Geography - Survey and Planning Lab 9 SH 324
History 2 SH 206
Instructional Technology Development Lab 2 EB A125
Kinesiology Lab 26 HaH 331
Herberger Business School - Business Lab 40 CH 491
Herberger Business School - Tutoring Lab 17 CH 415
Human Performance Lab 5 HaH 111E
Mass Communications 52 SH 8, 18, 117, 119
Mass Communications - TV editing 11 SH 23, 24, 25, 26, 123, 146, 147
Mathematics & Statistics 50 ECC 103 & 137
Math Skills Center 33 CH 224
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 66 ECC 103A, 119, 127, 179
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Senior Design 6 HH 123
Multicultural Academic Support Center 7 CH 221
Music 2 PAC158, 159
Nursing - Primary Care Lab 9 BH 322
Nursing - Open Lab 6 BH 323
Nursing - Computer Lab 24 BH 307
Physics 51 WSB 302, 303, 305, 342 and BH 316, 318, 320 
Psychology 22 SH 211, 213 and WH 202
School of Public Affairs 29 SH 306
SCSU Survey 20 SH 101
Theatre, Film Study, Dance 6 PAC 270
Write Place 4 11 WB 116, 117


Login toAppsAnywhere

Login with your StarID and password.

AppsAnywhere (virtual lab) lets you use campus software on your own computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from off or on campus.

The software programs appear to run on your desktop. All keyboard strokes, mouse clicks and screen movements are transmitted between your computer and the AppsAnywhere system.


Electronic classrooms

St. Cloud State University has more than 200 learning spaces/electronic classrooms that allow instructors to enhance their teaching with technology, all with a consistent system and design, making it easy for instructors to move from room to room.

Campus learning spaces feature a full range of audio/visual technology. Standard setups include:

  • Computer with VGA, network and audio connections
  • Projector and screen
  • Speakers
  • Telephone
  • Touchscreen audio-visual management system

Additional options available in some rooms:

  • HDMI connection
  • Wireless microphones
  • Room lighting control
  • Screen control
  • Mac computer
  • Document camera

For the complete list of current features in specific rooms, use Scheduling Services.

The Audio/Visual team can provide design and installation expertise to assist departments on existing, remodeled and new classroom projects.

Technical Support

In-room telephones give instructors an easy way to reach a college technician. Or contact HuskyTech for assistance.


Student printing

HuskyPrint Help
Print Refund

Printer locations are available in the general access labs and printers section above.

HuskyPrint makes it possible for students to use their Campus Card to print documents on campus printers. Every St. Cloud State student automatically has a printing quota of 200 black and white pages without charge each semester, funded by the Student Technology Fee. Additional funds can be added to your Campus Card if you use up your allotted quota.

Printing costs

  • Black-and-white (one-sided) $0.04
  • Black-and-white (two-sided) $0.07
  • Color (8.5 x 11) $0.25
  • Color (11 x 17) $0.50

Two-sided (duplex) printing is the default in General Access Labs on campus with the option to select one-sided printing in all of these labs.

Mobile printing

You can use a computer, phone or tablet to securely send your documents to SCSU’s lab and general access printers.

New Printing Features:

  • Mobile uploads that can be released at a lab or general access printer.
  • Multiple print formatting options.
  • View printing funds balance online.

Using Mobile Print:

  • Use your StarID and password to log into to upload your document.
  • Release your print job from a lab and general access printers anytime within two hours of uploading by logging into the Print Release Station next to the printer, and swiping your Campus Card.

More information and instructions about mobile printing are available online.

ResNet, wired plug-in and wireless users

Users are also able to utilize HuskyPrint from their own machines using the campus wired or wireless network.

Students in the residence halls can print to the front desk and have their ResNet printing apply toward their quota.

Users on the campus network (wired and wireless) can print from their laptops to any print release stations on campus. The print job stays in the system for two hours after it is sent.


Most General Access Labs have flatbed scanners for scanning photos or documents on Windows and Macintosh computers.

Faculty & staff printing

Contact Information


Information to have available:

  • Device Marco ID #
  • Device make and model
  • Device's physical location (building and room)
  • Single point of contact for device

ITS Purchasing

Technical questions
Campus or College technician

Most of the printing devices connected to St. Cloud State’s network are now managed and serviced by the MnSCU systems preferred provider, Marco, Inc.

Device maintenance

The Marco Managed Print Services contract provides all equipment, repairs, and toner as part of the per page printing costs. If you have an issue with your machine, need to order toner or staples, and/or have questions regarding your printing device, the device's single point of contact will need to contact Marco.

Toner is automatically delivered based on usage. If your device does run out before a delivery, contact Marco directly and they will expedite your toner delivery.

Staples can be ordered directly from Marco with a purchasing card.

New devices

Contact your primary campus/college technician if you need to order a new device and they will coordinate with you and Marco on ordering and installation. Standard devices can be in place within 10 business days from the time the order was placed with Marco; non-standard devices may take up to 8 weeks to deploy.

Billing and usage reports

The current costs associated with printing, scanning, and copying are:

  One-Sided Grayscale/
Two-Sided Grayscale/
One-Sided Color Two-Sided Color
Printing $0.01 $0.02 $0.075 $0.15
Scanning $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Copying $0.01 $0.02 $0.075 $0.15

One bill per device will be sent to the single point of contact for each device. Charges will include usage costs and any additional costs that may be associated with each device. Devices utilized by multiple departments will have codes set up to differentiate usage by departments and reports can be pulled from devices to use for chargebacks for individual departments.