Information Technology Services

Prepare for Transition

The Office 365 Shared Tenant transition will automatically migrate most of your Outlook items, including:

  • Emails
  • Calendar items
  • OneDrive files

To make the transition process easier, we encourage you to take some steps now to manually backup some of your Outlook settings to prepare for the changes coming August 11.

Outlook settings that won't automatically transfer after August 11


  • Inbox rules
  • Archived Outlook email
  • Junk email filter lists
  • Signature file(s)
  • Contacts/People
  • Distribution lists
  • Profile Photo
  • Quick Parts and Templates


  • Category colors
  • Free/busy settings
  • Delegation settings
  • Work hours

More information about other Office 365 applications and how they will be affected.

Help spread the word

Add the following to your email signature to help others, on and off campus, be aware of the upcoming timeframe when email will not be available:

"St. Cloud State University’s email services will be unavailable beginning 6:00 p.m. on August 9th through August 11th due to a system upgrade. I will not be able to send, receive or access email during that time. For technical support during the outage, please contact HuskyTech at (320) 308-7000."