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Education Abroad alumni can use this site in multiple ways:

  • Share what you learned with future education abroad students by volunteering at an Education Abroad fair or becoming a mentor.
  • Reconnect to your home campus and to international initiatives in the area. 
  • Take a trip down memory lane and view photos from past trips.
  • Learn how to incorporate your experience into your résumé and job interviews.

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Alumni Opportunities

Get Involved

Speak with potential Education Abroad participants about your program and experience at an upcoming Education Abroad fair by contacting us at Upcoming Fairs are listed on Huskies Connect. 

The Center for International Studies seeks international peer mentors and members of the international friendships program. The International Student Association allows students to continue their cultural learning with cultural nights and cultural programs. Contact the Center for International Studies for this or to help international students coming to St. Cloud State.

Re-Entry Assistance

Returning home can be the one of the most difficult times of the education-abroad process and the least prepared for. Help with re-entry can be found with the Education Abroad Office and the Career Center who can help students understand how to use the international experience and get connected again on-campus and in their communities.

Book recommendation: Craig Storti’s “The Art of Coming Home."

Alumni Photos

Alnwick Alumni
The Alnwick website has updates on the program and other Castle Campus resources.

Denmark Alumni

Return to Alnwick Castle

Interested in returning to Alnwick?

Please note

  • During certain times of the year, we may not have availability due to groups coming to the castle. We will work to best accommodate your request, but we might not be able to confirm availability right away. 
  • Due to staff capacity, we only take stay requests 6 months out from the date of arrival submitted.
  • The castle is not available during these dates for guest stays: Dec. 1 - Jan. 31




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