St. Cloud State at Alnwick

Alnwick Alumni Group Photos

St. Cloud State students reading newspapers in the Main Keep area

Over 3,500 alumni have called the Alnwick Castle their home. Friendships and connections that were made during your time in Alnwick have created a special bond not only with the group that you traveled with, but with every group before and after. Not only do you have a shared experience of being a Husky, you also have a shared experience of living with royalty!


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Alnwick scholarships help future St. Cloud State students share in life changing experiences. Your financial support will help future huskies experience the magic and life changing experience of Studying Abroad in Alnwick.

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Check out the St. Cloud State @ Alnwick Newsletter's below. We will be sending them out once a semester to all Alnwick alumni that have their information updated in the SCSU alumni database and on social media. Make sure your information is updated and that you are following us on Facebook

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Alnwick Group Photos

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