St. Cloud State at Alnwick

Alnwick Castle

About the Program

St. Cloud State at Alnwick has been one of St. Cloud State’s most popular education abroad programs since 1976! Over 4000 students have been a part of the Alnwick program since its inception and students have continuously returned to St. Cloud State and said they had the experience of a life time. It is not just staying at the castle, but the town and the community that make time in Alnwick so memorable. The Alnwick program takes place in northern England inside the castle that is home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. While on the program, students have the opportunity to explore parts of England that many have never heard of. A few of the places students have visited in the past include: Hadrian’s Wall, The Lake District, London, and Edinburgh.

A variety of programs are offered each year in Alnwick. These include: fall and spring semester programs and short-term programs, (winter, spring break, and summer). As this program is led by St. Cloud State University faculty, the courses change each semester based on the faculty member traveling on the program. At Alnwick, students can also choose from courses taught by British faculty during the fall and spring semesters. All courses are designed to utilize the experiential learning opportunities around the Northumberland region. Please explore the Academics & Course Information page for more details on semester course offerings.

The Town

Alnwick England

Alnwick is located in Northern England about 30 miles from the Scotland border. A town of 8,000 people, Alnwick dates back to about 600 AD. The name, “Alnwick,” comes from old English and means a settlement on the river Aln, which runs right through town. Explore more about the town of Alnwick

To get a better understanding of the location, Alnwick is:

  • 35 miles north from Newcastle upon Tyne, England
  • 80 miles south from Edinburgh, Scotland

The Castle

Alnwick Castle

The Castle – The Percy family has lived in the Alnwick Castle since 1309 and it has remained the seat of the Duke of Northumberland ever since. Alnwick Castle has been redesigned over the past 700 years to become the iconic castle that it is today and remains one of the largest inhabited castles in Britain.

The Gardens

The Gardens

The Alnwick Garden is adjacent to Alnwick Castle and has become one of the main features of the town of Alnwick. Students enjoy walking through the Alnwick Gardens during their time in Alnwick and even exploring the famous Poison Garden!