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First Year Experience - Education Abroad

At St. Cloud State University, you don't have to wait for your sophomore or junior year to study abroad! But how does this work?

  1. Students will take a 1-credit course in their first semester (fall term) at St. Cloud State University. While enrollment in the course is required to go on the program, students have until halfway throught the fall semester to confirm their participation on study abroad. This means, that students can take the course and learn more about the countries and travel but the course does not commit the student to studying abroad.
    • This course is designed to support students from the time they step onto campus to the time they step on a new continent. Students will learn about cultural norms, expectations, awareness, and skills through readings, assignments, and engaging activities. By the end of this course, students will understand the role of a world citizen and the responsibility world citizen’s share for the future. Students will have the opportunity to connect with study abroad alumni, departments on campus, and more to prepare for their journey abroad.
    • To register for the course, either connect with the Education Abroad Office or your academic advisor during registration

 2. Select the program that you are interested in and apply! 

Here is some information about the four locaitons that students 

Available Programs

St. Cloud State @ Alnwick England

This is St. Cloud State’s flagship study abroad program located at the Alnwick Castle. The university has been sending students to Alnwick since 1976! Each term you’ll learn from two British instructors and the St. Cloud State Academic Director while taking liberal education or major courses. Learn more here!


You'll study at Southern Cross University, surrounded by rainforests and beaches. SCU offers an unforgettable experience with access to environmental and cultural opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else.

Learn more here!

South Africa

You’ll study at Nelson Mandela University and experience diversity in a different way. This is Nelson Mandela’s country which he and others fought so hard to end Apartheid. One of the official language of the country is English.

Learn more here!


You’ll study at Taylor’s University in an amazing country of diversity. Live in the Kuala Lumpur area for a rich experience of tradition meets modern. There is a rail system for easy transport as well as an international airport for easy travel to the Southeast Asian region.

Learn more here!

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