Education Abroad

Academic Planning


A benefit of studying abroad is earning credits towards graduation. Depending on the education abroad program you choose, the credits you earn abroad may take some time to be posted onto your St. Cloud State transcript. 

Academic Approval Form

When you start an application for a semester-long education abroad program you must meet with your academic advisor in order to complete the Academic Approval Form. Although course schedules may change once you arrive to your host university, planning ahead helps keep you on track towards your degree.

  1. Find courses
    • First, make sure you have the correct form.
    • Second, you will need to find the courses that you want to take abroad. There are a few ways to find those courses. 
      • Visit the website of your host university. Some universities will post a list of courses offered during the current or upcoming semester. If you are not sure where to find the website, connect with your program manager in the Education Abroad Office. 
      • Visit the Education Abroad website and click on your program. Depending on which program you choose, there may already be course equivalencies worked out with Advising and Student Transitions. For example, students who plan to study at Southern Cross University in Australia can find a list of course equivalencies on the Education Abroad website
      • Find courses by visiting the Education Abroad office. The staff will provide a list of courses that students have taken in the past through your program. Keep in mind that these courses are not set in stone until you officially register for courses through your host university.
  2. Identify five to seven courses that fit your academic track and/or are of interest to you
    • Try to find a course description. Most of the partner websites will have this available
    • If a syllabus is available online, bring the syllabus to your advising appointment
  3. Make an appointment with your academic advisor
    • Bring as much information as possible about your education abroad program and the courses you plan on taking while abroad
    • You may need to meet with more than one advisor depending on your academic plans. For example if the courses you are planning to take abroad are for your major then those courses must be approved by your major advisor but if you are planning to take goal areas (LEPs) then those can also be approved by the Advising and Student Transitions office. 
    • If you do not know who your advisor is, you can look that up here:
  4. Scan the completed Academic Approval Form and upload it to your online education abroad application


Transcript Process

If you plan to graduate right after your semester abroad you must notify your program manager in the Education Abroad Office. Depending on the program abroad you select, your graduation could be delayed until all credits are officially placed onto your St. Cloud State transcript so you will want to understand that process before going abroad. The St. Cloud State at Alnwick process is different than other programs, so please check out this page to learn more.

Semester Programs

Students who complete a semester-long program will earn credits for their degree at St. Cloud State. Each program abroad will depend on how the credits transfer back but often require an official transcript from the host institution. On average, it can take anywhere from 2-4 months to receive the official transcript from abroad. Until we receive your official transcript, we will not be able to process your courses. 

Once the Center for International Studies receives your transcript and the courses are placed onto your degree, you must meet with your academic advisor to make sure the transfer was inputted correctly. There are many academic units involved in the transcript process; this means it can take up to 2-4 additional months for the credits completed abroad to be processed and placed onto your St. Cloud State transcript. Once the credits are placed onto your St. Cloud State academic records, they will show up as Pass/Fail (S/U).

Short Programs

For short-term programs led by St. Cloud State faculty, students will enroll directly in a St. Cloud State course on E-Services. Students will not receive a separate transcript for this course. If the program is run through another provider, transcripts can take anywhere from 2-4 months to receive the official transcript. If you have any questions, please contact your program manager in the St. Cloud State Education Abroad Office. 

Non-St. Cloud State Students

Students from other institutions who wish to participate in a St. Cloud State program must register as a Special Student. Once you are registered, you may enroll in the appropriate course for your short-term education abroad program. Upon completion of the program, you can order your St. Cloud State transcript here.

Students of Minnesota State institutions should register at St. Cloud State for their education abroad program unless advised differently. St. Cloud State will grant credits that can be transferred to the student’s home university.  

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