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Health and Insurance Planning

Medical Consultation

Before you leave the U.S., you need to have a health exam during which you can discuss medical concerns, immunizations and vaccinations.  

The exam should happen within three weeks of being accepted into a program.

You can complete the medical consultation form (PDF) two ways:

  • Make an appointment at the Medical Clinic, where medical professionals can assist you
  • Have your health care provider help you

Tell the medical provider about scheduled side trips. Health concerns and disease-protection tactics vary from nation to nation, region to region.


The legality of some medications may vary from nation to nation. For example, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder prescriptions may not clear customs. Discuss this with your medical provider. 

International Health Insurance

Your program fee covers the required medical insurance. Included in the coverage is medical issues including emergency medical evacuation but also political/natural disaster evacuation. Your insurance provider is GeoBlue. You can review the terms of this insurance get more information from the Center for International Studies.

For more information on GeoBlue you can go to this website: Once you are registered and receive the email that you have been registered with GeoBlue you will be able to log in and see your coverage. What you will need is the certificate number on the front of your GeoBlue medical insurance card. Eligible participants can track claims, search for a doctor, view plan information, download claim forms and get health and security information.

Liability insurance

Consider purchasing liability insurance prior to departure, It will cover damage to your property and lost or stolen items. Your family's homeowner's insurance or your rental insurance may also provide coverage for items such as laptops, phones and cameras.

Alcohol and Drugs Abroad

Students are most at risk when alcohol is a part of the situation. Be responsible. Understand the drinking culture of the nation you are visiting.

Educate yourself about local drug laws. No one can help you, including a U.S. embassy or consulate, if you are arrested with illegal drugs. 

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