Education Abroad

Health and Insurance Planning

Medical Consultation

As part of the education abroad process, you will need to have a health exam completed prior to going abroad. This is to make sure that if there are any medical concerns, you will have a chance to discuss those prior to going and it also gives you a chance to discuss immunizations and vaccinations that you may need in order to travel. This should be no later than three weeks after being accepted into your study abroad program.

You have two options to have the medical consultation form completed. You can make an appointment at Student Health Services where they can fill out the form. They have experience in this process and can assist you if you have any questions. Another option is that you can go to your health care provider. Remember that this needs to be completed three weeks after being accepted into your study abroad program so the earlier you complete this form, the better. 

Be sure to inform the medical provider of any side trip locations as well. Often there may not be any medical concerns where you are studying abroad, but there could be in the locations you are intending to travel while abroad.

medical exam


Not all medications are legal in other countries. Therefore, it is essential to discuss this with your medical provider. Medications such as ADHD meds or other monitored medications may be difficult to get into another country through customs, so please discuss with your Education Abroad advisor and your medical provider.


Health and travel insurance

Your program fee will include emergency medical insurance, which includes emergency evacuation. Your insurance provider will be HTH Worldwide. Please look at the terms of this insurance. You can get more information from the Center for International Studies.

Once you receive your medical insurance ID from HTH Worldwide, visit and sign in using the certificate number on the front of the card for comprehensive information and services relating to this plan. Eligible participants can track claims, search for a doctor, view plan information, download claim forms and read health and security information.

Liability insurance

Consider purchasing liability insurance prior to departure, which will cover you for any damage to property and lost or stolen items while overseas. Check with your family's homeowner's insurance or rental insurance, which may also provide coverage for items such as laptops, cameras, etc.

Alcohol and Drugs Abroad

Students are most at risk abroad when alcohol has been a part of the situation. Please be responsible and understand the drinking culture of the country you are visiting.

Understand the local laws on drugs. No one can help you if you are arrested for illegal drugs. The American Embassy cannot get you out of this type of situation.