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The Payroll department processes bi-weekly payroll for faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty/Staff Payroll

The Employee Self Service website is available to faculty and staff employees to access their paystub information, W-2, W-4, direct deposit, payroll forms, and payroll announcements. This secure website requires employees to sign in with their payroll ID number and password. New employees will be asked to complete a card which will be mailed to them after their employee ID number has been established.

State Law (M.S.177.23.subd.4) requires all employees to sign up for direct deposit. Employees are encouraged to view and update their direct deposit information using the secure employee self service website. A paper direct deposit form (rtf) may also be completed and returned to the Payroll department in 124 Administrative Services.

Student Payroll

Time reporting for student employees is submitted to the Payroll department electronically using the ISRS student payroll module. A staff or faculty employee in each department should be responsible for completing their student payroll each pay period. Request access to the student payroll module by completing a Student Payroll Security Authorization form and submitting it to Business Services, 124 Administrative Services.