Business Services

Accounts Payable

Local Pick-up of Items

In the event items are not checked in through central receiving (i.e. local pick-ups, salesmen deliveries), be sure to call the Receiving Department at 8-4713 to release the purchase order’s receiving report to accounts payable. The notification is required in order for accounts payable to issue the payment.

Lost or Destroyed Warrants and Checks

The state policy on lost or destroyed warrants is complex. If contacted by a vendor regarding a possible lost or destroyed warrant, please call your respective accounts payable representative in Business Services. (odd purchase orders 8-3135, even purchase orders 8-4894, and direct pay invoice attached 8-6463/8-1690)

Accounts Payable will need the following information to track the payment:

  • Transaction number (if known)
  • PO# (if applicable)
  • Invoice number
  • Vendor number
  • Cost center
  • Dollar amount
  • Name and phone number of vendor contact

Be certain enough time is given for the payment process to be completed (vendor posting, bank clearing) – thirty days is appropriate.

If a warrant has been issued and a copy of the redeemed warrant is necessary, Department of Finance requires approximately two weeks before the copy is faxed.

If the payment was processed by an EFT (electronic funds transfer), the EFT number will allow the vendor to verify the deposit information with their bank. Contact accounts payable for this information.


Dept of Finance Policy 803-03

Special Handling Requests/Pull Warrants

The Department of Finance has mandated that vendors be paid by EFT (electronic funds transfer) in lieu of state warrants. If the vendor is an EFT vendor, there is no paper warrant to attach any documentation. It is also not possible to change the route of the EFT to redirect the mailing.

Consequently, special handling requests and pull warrants are usually not an option.

Tech ID Numbers

Tech ID numbers are used only for students and employees to be reimbursed from local accounts. The remit to address defaults to the local address. If there is no local address on file, then the remit to address defaults to the permanent address.

Vendor Resources

New or prospective vendors should navigate to the Vendor Registration link on the SWIFT Vendor Resources web page to register as a vendor. Minnesota Management & Budget will assign new vendors a Vendor Number, this information interfaces with SCSU systems daily.

Vendors can interact with the state through the Supplier Portal, a link to which is found on the SWIFT Vendor Resources web page. The Supplier Portal allows vendors to login and view payment detail as well as maintain address and contact information related to their vendor record. Existing vendors can request a User ID to login to the Supplier Portal by clicking the Create a New User ID link. When a vendor registration is approved or the new User ID is approved, a confirmation is sent to the email address entered during the registration/creation process.

The process and forms for foreign vendors can be much different. With any new foreign vendors or other new vendors without the ability to register online, please contact Purchasing at 320-308-6463 for assistance.