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Only individuals with approved delegation of authority are authorized to sign contracts. This authority is delegated by the President and filed in the Office of Finance & Administration.

Contracts must be prepared on forms approved by the State’s Office of Attorney General to assure that they include all state required contract language. Any modification of forms approved by the Office of Attorney General or the use of a non-system office form requires the review of the Office of Attorney General and approval of the Vice Chancellor-Chief Financial Officer.

In conjunction with the Minnesota State System Office, St. Cloud State University implemented that all contracts be processed through the Marketplace Contract Module effective Jan. 1, 2020. Please do not sign any contract until you submit it to the Purchasing Office and the contract has completed workflow approvals through the Contract Module. We highly suggest using the templates in Marketplace to reduce review and to assure the most up to date language is being used. If vendors are unable to use the templates and/or the vendor refuses to sign via DocuSign we can still use the Contract module though a manual process. All contracts should be sent to the Purchasing Department in a word format if at all possible. Contracts should not be scanned and sent to the Purchasing Department. The Vendor should provide an electronic version.

If you do not have access to Marketplace, or its contract module, please submit the Contract Request Form to your Administrative Specialist or to William Buck at  Contact William Buck for Marketplace contract module training opportunities.

Contracts in Marketplace

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