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Student Payroll Distribution Policy


The student payroll pay periods and distribution dates coincide with the State of Minnesota payroll schedule. Pay periods are bi-weekly, ending on a Tuesday. The payroll distribution date (payday) is ten days later, or every other Friday. This schedule may be adjusted for holidays.

A Routing ID is a code that identifies each department for student payroll processing purposes. 


Student pay is distributed primarily by direct deposit to the student’s bank account. Any paper checks are mailed to the students.

Student pay will not be distributed before payday.

Missing direct deposits will be reissued after the funds are returned to the SCSU bank account. Paper checks require a two week waiting period to allow for the possible return of undeliverable mail. 


The student payroll direct deposit ACH file is prepared for release (available in student bank account) on payday Friday. Paper checks for students without direct deposit will be printed biweekly using their local address and placed in the US mail on the Thursday prior to payday. 

Missing direct deposits or checks are reissued as paper checks. The student should be instructed to correct their direct deposit information or update their current local address. 

Student employees are encouraged to participate in direct deposit.

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