Atwood Memorial Center



  • Internet access
  • Built-in computer
  • VGA and HDMI inputs on top of the rack for laptops
  • Blu-Ray player
  • Crestron touch-creen controller
  • Windows with room-darkening shades to the outside; internal windows have no shades

The room has a built-in wireless microphone (either handheld or lapel, but not both). There is no other way to get another microphone in the room unless a technician is hired for a fee and a portable sound system is set up.

Photo Gallery

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  • 1,300 square feet

Seating Capacities

  • 109 Row Seating
  • 60 Classroom
  • 60 in Rounds of 6
  • 70 in Rounds of 7
  • 80 in Rounds of 8
  • 46 Hollow Square 
  • Non-Profit Rate: $25/hour (minimum of 5 hours)
  • Commercial Rate: $30/hour (minimum of 5 hours) 

For rate information questions, please contact Celest Stang at 320-308-2075.

For a more detailed explanation of charges for the use of Atwood's facilities, see Space Use Policies.