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Special Event Risk Assessment Form

Please complete the following Atwood Special Event Risk Assessment Form and submit it electronically no later than thirty (30) days prior to your event using the submit button at the bottom of the form. This lead time is to allow the form to be reviewed and staff arranged for the event. Requests submitted less than 30 days prior to an event will be subject to late charges and possible cancellation. Atwood reserves the right to run a risk assessment on all events. 

Atwood is committed to providing a safe and inviting environment to all of our guests. In order to meet that commitment, it is critical that we proactively work to promote and support the safety of everyone attending your event.  The following information will be used to assess the concerns associated with your event to help determine if any, or what level of, precautions need to be arranged.

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Event Information

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*Please be advised that your faculty/staff adviser needs to be present during the entirety of any event that goes past normal building hours.

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Important Information

Within 7 calendar days the information that is submitted will be reviewed by the Public Safety Department. A follow up phone call will be made to the event contact person listed above and the level of security will be finalized at that time.

Room reservations for special events will be place in tentative status and the event can only be confirmed if security arrangements have been reviewed and the event is approved. The number of security officers required will depend on the nature of the event and anticipated number of participants.

All charges for security will be the sole responsibility of the organization sponsoring the event. Charges will be based on the current hourly rate for the officers from SCSU Public Safety or the St. Cloud Police Department. Use the following link to review the current hourly rates:

(Note: Failure to provide this number may result in your form being rejected by Public Safety.)

The sponsoring organization will be responsible for all damages to the premises as a result of the event as detailed under General Policies VII - Section D. Inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs, will not be tolerated and the continuation of the event will be at the discretion of security officers on duty, in consultation with the Atwood management on duty at the time of the event.

The form needs to be complete before it will be reviewed.  By submitting this form you are acknowledging the information is accurate as far as you are able to determine and that you understand the information detailed above.

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