Atwood Memorial Center

Outdoor Events/Public Expression

Public Expression

Atwood Front Porch Events

Any major events being held on the outdoor front porch area should provide volunteer staff to:

  1. keep an aisle on the ramp open for pedestrians
  2. help any handicapped person trying to exit through the doors to navigate a crowd or choose a different route.

Car Bashing on Atwood Mall

The following procedures should be followed when having a fund-raiser out on the mall that involves car bashing:

  1. The battery should be removed, this eliminates the possibility of sparks
  2. The radiator should be drained to remove any anti-freeze that is present
  3. Everyone participating is required to wear safety glasses
  4. All window glass is to be removed before-hand
  5. Fluids are to be removed before bringing the car on the mall and some sort of protection put under the car put under the car while out on the mall
  6. Two fire extinguishers are to be on the scene

Approval Checklist for Overnight Outdoor Events

This checklist has been developed to identify issues needing to be addressed prior to an overnight outdoor event to receive approval. This checklist is used in addition to St. Cloud State University's Use of Outdoor Space policy related to overnight events and issues.

The mall and front porch areas adjacent to and reserved by Atwood Memorial Center may be requested for overnight use via the space request and scheduling procedure in EMS. The request for space should be submitted at least 14 days prior to the proposed event date. Once the request for space is made, the reservation will be on “hold” status until all the following criteria have been met, and the event is approved by Atwood Administration, Facilities Management, and Public Safety.

Criteria to be met before the event can be approved include:

  • Public Safety must be contacted with the dates and details of the proposed event to determine the level of risk associated with the event, and to determine the level of security required.
  • Adequate restroom facilities must be secured for the anticipated size of the event by one of these options:
    • Requesting approval from an adjacent building on campus with restroom facilities, and being able to cover the costs of keeping the building open, or
    • Renting or securing an adequate number of portable restroom facilities that can be delivered and set up on site (removal and cleanup must be addressed as well), or
    • Arranging for a vehicle (and parking of such), and drivers to shuttle participants to nearby, off-campus restroom facilities as needed.  
  • If a portable heating source is to be used, it must be approved for use by the Office of Risk Management and Safety.
  • Noise levels must be kept within the acceptable levels identified by the City of St. Cloud.
  • Arrangements must be made to address proper communication with Public Safety during the event, and to have an emergency response plan in place.
  • Arrangements must be made to educate participants on risk management practices to be followed.
  • Arrangements must be made for cleanup and refuse disposal after the event.

Atwood Administration and/or Public Safety have the right to cancel the event if extreme weather conditions (blizzard conditions, wind-chill advisories, threats of tornadoes, thunderstorms with lightening, or high winds) are forecasted by the National Weather Service, or present in the area.