Atwood Memorial Center

Equipment Checkout

Equipment Scheduling Policy

Date Revised: August 16, 2023

  1. Procedures for use of Atwood Memorial Center equipment (e.g., lights, sound systems, staging)
    1. Need for equipment should be indicated at the time the room reservation is made.
    2. Special equipment is on a reserved first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Only Atwood technicians are required to set up, run and take down some A/V equipment.
    4. No furniture, equipment or supplies may be taken outside the building without the express permission of the Atwood director or her/his designee.
    5. Fees may be assessed for certain equipment use.
    6. All groups will be required to hire an Atwood technician when in the judgment of the Conference and Scheduling Office their skills are necessary to properly provide the group with audio-visual support.
  2. Technician charges - two hour minimum - charges are $16.00 an hour ($18.00 an hour if last minute) for student organizations, $18.00 an hour ($20.00 an hour if last minute) for campus departments and $22.00 ($25.00 an hour if last minute) for groups outside the university community. Last minute is defined as 7 calendar days. A written notice of cancellation must be received a minimum of 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled event or the two-hour minimum tech fee will be charged.
  3. Atwood Memorial Center will not be responsible for equipment or property owned by other student organizations or departments that is stored on the premises.
  4. When Atwood Memorial Center agrees to provide storage space, equipment will not be moved to another area without prior agreement between Atwood Memorial Center management and the organization owning the equipment.
  5. Ballroom Temporary Storage space is available to reserve for up to 7 calendar days for storage purposes.

Equipment Check Out Procedure

Students, faculuty, and staff may be required to have their campus ID swiped at the Atwood #134 Office in order to check out equipment. 


Requests for equipment purchased by Atwood funding that is to be used outside of Atwood or the adjacent malls can be submitted to the Atwood Scheduling Office. Equipment requests will be processed through EMS to track equipment inventory.


Recognized Student Organizations may request equipment at no charge. SCSU departments can check out equipment for use outside of the building with a $10 - $200 service charge (depending on the item being checked out).  Use of equipment for purposes not related to university needs is not permitted. Both student organizations and departments requesting equipment will be required to make arrangements for pickup and return of equipment. Equipment not returned as documented in the EMS confirmation will be billed $10/day until returned.

Damaged/Lost Equipment

Student organizations and departments will be charged the full replacement costs for any items not returned. Damaged equipment repairs arrangements and costs will be the responsibility of the student organization or department checking out the equipment.

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