Advising and Student Transitions

Advising Resources for Faculty

Our faculty advisors play a major role in the success of our students. Below we've listed information to support you as you advise and mentor your students.

Advising & Registration Programs

Advising and Student Transitions coordinates Advising and Registration Days for all students newly admitted to the university. Students are invited to reserve their spot for an Advising Day on our web-based reservation system.

New Entering First Year Students (NEF) are required to attend an Advising Day before they can sign up for their first semester classes.

New Entering Transfer Students (NET) are required to attend an Advising Day or to complete the Online Transfer Advising Program through D2L Brightspace. Advising and Student Transitions partners with advisors in academic departments to provide individual advising opportunities for all incoming transfer students.

Faculty interested in serving as a faculty advisor in the program are encouraged to contact Liz Kalinowski Ohrt, Advising & Student Transitions director to discuss the opportunity. The application process typically begins in January.

Major Advisor Updates

Advising and Student Transitions is responsible for making advisor assignments for all students with an intended major. Each department updates its list of advisors on a yearly basis. This list is used to assign new students and to reassign current students who have chosen intended majors within a department. Please be sure to note any changes based on sabbaticals or other absences. 

Faculty advisors who would like to serve as the advisor for a student with an intended major in their department can contact Advising and Student Transitions to make that request.

Training & Workshops

Advising training is offered through Advising and Student Transitions to faculty who would like to learn more about:

  • General Education / Liberal Education Program (LEP)
  • University academic policies
  • Degree Audit Reports (DARs)
  • Transfer Credits
  • Advising and Registration Days
  • Developmental advising 
  • Appreciative Advising
  • Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

Additional training is available in D2L Brightspace in the "Advising @ SCSU" course.

Helpful Links

College & School Liaisons

Advisors in Advising and Student Transitions serve as a liaisons with the different colleges and schools at St. Cloud State. Liaisons are charged to serve as a resource to faculty and staff in departments, schools and colleges. They also keep our office abreast of changes within each area, particularly as they might affect new students.

Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

St. Cloud State joined the Student Success Collaborative in 2017 to improve campus engagement, retention, and graduation rates by empowering faculty and staff to better support all of our students.

Improving our communication strategies and expanding our use of predictive analytics will help ensure that students who enroll at St. Cloud State stay enrolled, make timely progress toward a degree, and graduate with a strong sense of purpose. Advisors can assist in these strategies through shared note-taking, progress reports, the creation of alerts for students struggling in your classes, and more.

Find additional information on the platform and instructions on how to gain access at: