Advising and Student Transitions

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Orientation Programs

St. Cloud State is committed to providing a holistic orientation experience for all of our incoming students.

New students complete our Huskies Advising & Registration program to register for courses and take the steps to finalize your enrollment. Our Huskies First Four program welcomes new first year, transfer and international students into the SCSU community, preparing you for success throughout the first four days, weeks, months and years of your entire undergraduate experience.

Many programs are available to new students and faculty, staff and returning students are here to guide you through your transition to life at St. Cloud State University.

Orientation Programs

  • Huskies Advising & Registration Days

    Huskies Advising and Registration is step one of your St. Cloud State orientation. You'll learn about campus resources and register for your first semester of classes.

    Huskies Advising and Registration programs for Fall 2021 admits will be offered in Summer 2021.

    Programs for Spring 2022 admits will be offered in Fall 2021.

  • Huskies First Four

    Huskies First Four is step two of your St. Cloud State orientation. Our events will support you through your first four days, weeks and months on campus.

    Huskies First Four Days for Fall 2021 admits: Aug. 19-22, 2021

    Huskies First Four Days for Spring 2022 admits: Jan. 8-9, 2022