Huskies First Four

Huskies First Four Days

Cheerleaders at Orientation

Welcome home, Huskies! 

We are excited to see you at Huskies 1st 4 in August! 

Huskies First Four will assist students in developing skills and connections during your first few days on campus and through your first semester. This event will provide you with essential information about navigating campus and being a Husky!

You'll have time to pick up your textbooks, find your classrooms and more as you prepare for your first semester as a Husky! Not to mention, you will get opportunities to win some awesome prizes.

Huskies First Four for Fall 2023 admits is August 17-20, 2023.




Huskies First Four


Part two of your required orientation program. This is the perfect time to meet people and get to know campus.


Classes begin along with a month of Huskies Kick-Off events.


Your first semester on the road to college success.

New Student Program Requirement

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