Transfer Admissions

Transferring Credits

What Transfers to SCSU?

St. Cloud State will review all credits/courses for content, level at which the course was taught and similarity to classes offered by SCSU.

Minnesota State Colleges or University

Non-Minnesota State College or University

Previous Bachelor’s degree or AA degree

Institution outside the US or Canada

Students with Military or Technical credits

*Credit will not be granted for non-college level courses

Once reviewed by the registrar’s office an official transfer evaluation can be viewed on your Interactive Degree Audit Report (DARS). Your DARS will show how your credits/classes have transferred to SCSU and how those classes are used to satisfy you degree requirements.



Transferology is a free tool that can help you determine the transferability and applicability of your credits

With Transferology you can:

  1. Determine how your individual classes will transfer to SCSU
  2. Run a program plan to see how your classes will apply toward your degree
  3. Plan for a smoother transfer

*Please note: If your school or class is not listed this does not mean your credits will not transfer. Contact the Transfer Admission Team at (320) 308-2244 with questions.


MinnState Transfer Programs

Students who have taken courses at a Minnesota State College or University have the advantage of leveraging these transfer guarentees.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

Minnesota Transfer Pathways

Transfer Agreements


Requesting Additional Transcripts

To ensure that all courses are transferred to St. Cloud State, Official Transcripts must be requested for any additional classes attempted after time of admission.


Other Colleges or Universities (including University of Minnesota)


Transferring From SCSU

Students should contact the institution they are transferring to for assistance.


Minnesota Transfer

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