Transfer Admissions

Transferring Credits

Planning Ahead

Want to see how your courses will transfer to St. Cloud State University?

Transferology is a great way to find out how courses will transfer into St. Cloud State University! Transferology provides you with fast and accurate course and transfer equivalency information. You can obtain program information, course descriptions and equivalencies. By creating a plan, you can see how your courses transfer to other participating colleges and universities.

More information and instructions on how to use Transferology are available from Minnesota Transfer.

How Credit Transfers Work

St. Cloud State accepts credits from courses and programs like those it offers. Acceptance criteria include similarity in course goals, content and level. The receiving college or university decides which credits transfer and whether the credits meet degree requirements. Accreditation of your sending and your receiving institutions can affect credit transfer.

Bachelor's degree programs usually count credits in three categories: general education, major/minor courses and prerequisites, and electives.

* Incoming Transfer students should be aware that to be eligible for graduation under a four-year curriculum a student must have been in residence at St. Cloud State University at least 2 semesters and must have earned at least 30 semester credits in residence. Some departments may require more than 30 semester credits in residence.

Transfer credit will not be granted for non-college level courses. St. Cloud State reserves the right to deny credits which are:

  1. not consistent with the mission and charter of the granting institution, or
  2. not approved for transfer based on evaluation by the University.

Final authority regarding course work pertaining to major programs rests with individual academic departments, subject to approval by the Office of Academic Affairs.

*Official Graduation Policy and Procedure

Transfer Resources is a resource for locating information to guide in transfer planning, including transfer policies and procedures, articulation agreements, student services and transfer contact information. Most information is specific to the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State system.

Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help you answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" You may enter coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, then discover in a single click how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when you transfer.  Schools are ranked by the percentage of coursework they accept in transfer, though you may focus the results with a number of handy filters and sorts, including how your courses transfer into a specific program at another college or university. Details of how those courses will count are available with another click or two, and you can inform schools of your  interest in transferring by asking about specific programs, campus visits, and/or coursework that has not yet been evaluated by the school.

Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degrees/Minnesota Transfer Curriculum/Bachelor’s Degrees

A transfer student who has earned an associate in arts degree from a regionally accredited institution, or who has completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, will have met St. Cloud State's liberal education requirements.

We have an agreement with schools within the Minnesota State system that if a student takes a course that fits into a goal area we will honor that course transferring into the same goal area at St. Cloud State University. If a goal area is met at one of these institutions it will also be met with us.

A transfer student who has earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution is exempt from St. Cloud State's requirements for liberal education and diversity courses.

Courses with grades of D will transfer for a student who has earned an associate in arts or a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Courses with grades of D earned as part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum will also be accepted in transfer. Some majors require a grade of C or higher for a transfer course to be used to fulfill major program requirements. Students should consult with their advisors regarding these requirements

Transcript Evaluation

Upon admission to St. Cloud State, a transcript evaluation is completed. Allow up to three weeks for the evaluation process. You will receive instructions how to access your Degree Audit Report (DARS) in your acceptance packet to see how your credits have transferred. A copy of your DARS report will also be available at your Advising & Registration Day.

Note: Transfer students are required to attend either an on campus Advising & Registration Day or to complete the online version of this day prior to registering for courses.

Transferring From SCSU

Students should contact the institution they are transferring to for assistance.