Public Safety Department

Claim Reporting

As a state employee you are required to report all incidents you are involved in, or witness, involving:

  • Property Loss: Damage to State property such as buildings, contents or computer equipment caused by natural disasters.
  • Boilers and Machinery: Damage to electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment.
  • Crime Losses: Incidents involving employee dishonesty and loss of money or securities.
  • General Liability: Damage to property of others or bodily injury to persons other than employees occurring at SCSU or controlled properties. 
  • Automobile Physical Damage: Damages to State vehicles owned or leased.
  • Automobile Liability (Third Party Liability): Damages to the property of others, bodily injury or death other than employees arising out of the ownership, maintenance and use of a vehicle.

These documents are available to aid you in reporting the incident:

If you witness an incident involving any of the claim types contact the Public Safety Department immediately at 320-308-3333.

If you were involved in an incident contact the Public Safety Department if anyone requires medical attention or the scene should to be documented.  If not, complete the forms and submit them to the University's Risk Management Office at

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